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22 October 2019

NATY Project Showcase

The EEF team hosted a showcase event on September 18th to celebrate projects recently funded and completed under the 'New Academic Teaching Year' (NATY) theme.

21 October 2019

MicroCPD: Digital Innovation Boot Camp

Prof Ian Jefferson talks about the Digital Innovation Boot Camp - a week-long education enhancement activity to train students in the cutting-edge digital technologies used within research activities and in industry.

14 October 2019

MicroCPD: NATY Enrichment Week

The Shakespeare Institute's Abigail Rokison-Woodall shares lessons learnt from a pilot project for enrichment weeks in the New Academic Teaching Year (NATY).

30 September 2019

The Open Classroom

The Open Classroom peer observation initiative aims to provide a safe, developmental space to learn with colleagues from across the institution.

07 August 2019

HEFi Festival 2019

Delivered during 1st-5th July, the HEFi Festival 2019 was our exciting, week-long programme of continuing professional development events.

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