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Academic insights: the value of embedding Graduate Attributes into our teaching.

In this micro-CPD, Dr Ilija Rašović and Dr Zoe Hope Bulaitis, share their experiences of embedding reflection into entrepreneurial education within the Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences undergraduate programme. Focusing on the ‘Entrepreneurial Skills’ and ‘Entrepreneurial Start-Up’ modules as case studies, this video offers ideas of how the refreshed graduate attributes can prove a useful tool for further enabling student self-reflection and articulation of their individual learning journeys.

You can find a full list of the Graduate Attributes on this dedicated website. In the coming months, the Graduate Attributes will be further introduced to both academic and professional services staff, who will be encouraged and supported to engage with them in a range of ways - with a view to engaging students in relation to their own development.

In due course, the aim is for the Graduate Attributes, under the heading of ‘UoB and Beyond: Your Graduate Attributes’, to be embedded across the student experience and thus support our articulation of the broad, far-reaching value of higher education.


A full list of the Graduate Attributes is available on this dedicated website for staff.

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