Continuing Professional Development

Suitable for: All staff at the University who teach and support learning.

HEFi Festival 2020 - The HEFi Festival will take place for a week beginning on the 6th July 2020, please find more information on the HEFi Festival Canvas page.

HEFi Showcase Series 

The HEFi Showcase Series is our programme of continuing professional development events led by your peers who want to share their evidence-based approaches to teaching and learning, as well as external speakers with national profiles in innovative areas of educational development. The HEFi Showcase Series is open to all staff within the University.

If you are interested in running an event with HEFi or you have any questions about our programme, please get in touch with the CPD Events lead, Jamie Morris, on   

Some of our upcoming events are:

 July 2020

1st July 2020 - Learn and Share: Learn to love your learning outcomes this year - developing curriculum resilience for 2020/21

6th - 10th July - HEFi Festival 2020

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HEFi Reading Group

The HEFi Reading Group meets regularly to discuss texts relating to a wide range of topics on academic practice. Readings range from core texts of teaching and learning practice to philosophy of education. The Reading Group is a break from our routine where we can explore these topics and argue, agree or disagree, but ultimately think about our work in a scholarly and evidence-based way.  The Reading Group is intended for anyone, and can also support those involved in professional development, such as the PGCert, IAPDr and Beacon programmes offered by our team.

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HEFi Writing Group

The Writing Group is a regular opportunity to focus on writing away from distractions, in the company of others. We write for a set amount of time and have breaks for lunch and tea/coffee. We welcome colleagues from across the University, regardless of type and nature of their role. The group welcomes in particular colleagues writing on topics related to higher education. This can include, but is not limited to, writing for publication, writing up Beacon applications, EEF project applications/reports and PGCert assignments.

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HEFi Research Group

The Research Group is open to anyone (regardless of type and nature of their role) interested in researching and evaluating aspects of their academic practice and/or conducting research into any topics related to higher education. We meet regularly to offer and receive support relating to the design, implementation and writing of such studies.

For more information regarding the Research Group please contact Dr Marios Hadjianastasis on the following email address: