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Posted 12 March 2018

MicroCPD: Polling Technology

This week Dr Clare Ray talks about a great way to drive student involvement and therefore engagement during lectures: Polling Technology.

Posted 29 January 2018

MicroCPD: HEA Assessment Literature Review

This week Sarah King reviews a recent, HEA-commissioned literature review on assessment and feedback in higher education published in April 2017.

Posted 04 December 2017

MicroCPD: Learning Spaces

Chris Ribchester considers how the use of learning spaces can affect dynamics between teachers and students.

Posted 23 October 2017

MicroCPD: Defining and Delivering 'Research-Intensive Learning and Teaching' at the University of Birmingham

PVC Education Kathy Armour invites contributions to the Big Conversation blog addressing what is research-intensive learning for students at the University of Birmingham; how can we ensure that, through our research-intensive teaching, every student at every level is engaged in research-intensive learning; and do we need to do anything differently to achieve our ambition for research-intensive learning?

Posted 16 October 2017

MicroCPD: Media in Canvas

This learning resource has been designed to provide guidance for everyone from new users right through to those wanting to refresh their abilities with Canvas.

Posted 06 October 2017

MicroCPD: Feedback as a Process rather than a Product

The context for the piece is students' perceptions of feedback as something that "comes too late to be useful" and, as a result, is not acted upon. Carless aims to propose ways in which feedback becomes a dialogue between staff and students rather than a product that is delivered. In that way feedback becomes part of the curriculum design, offering regular opportunities for students to engage.

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