Image scroller

This site element can be found in Site Elements > Features > MainContentColumn > ImageScroller:

Instructions for the use of this control:

  • Outside of Contensis CMS create a folder for the images
  • Create a folder in that for the large versions called ‘large’
  • Put the images that you want to pop up in ‘large’
  • Make 100px x 100px versions of each of them (for the scroller) and put them in the first folder – they must have identical names to the popup image.
  • Zip the folder and bulk upload the images into the CMS
  • Edit each image to add a relevant alt tag and title
  • Edit the course page you want the scroller to appear on and in the field where is mentions the scroller there is a browse option to browse to the images. It doesn’t matter which image you pick in the folder for it to start on.
  • Wait… it takes a while for all the images to go through and for the updated captions to go through so it won’t appear straight away. I’d probably give it a couple of hours to be sure you’re seeing the right content on the page