Example right hand column options

There are a number of different features available for you to use on the right hand side of a page. The following are displayed to show you how they look.

  • Site tools - these are the print this page, download as pdf and send to friend items that appear at the top of the right hand side. They are optional but appear on most pages.
  • Related links - these are set up manually using the "relationships" tab. It is optional and you will need to switch it on.
  • Related news - this is automatically generated if you choose to switch it on.
  • Editable text box - where you can add information and links.
  • Related video - a smaller version of the video box that appears in the main body of the text.
  • Promos - promotional items that appear in various locations across the site but are centrally managed so that if they need to change they are only changed in one location that then go through to the other pages automatically.
  • Related audio - allows you to add a podcast.

The area within the green dotted line when editing a page is available for you to add content to.

Example YouTube player

Example Flash player

Related Video

Related Audio

This is optional text with which to introduce the mp3