International Welcome Celebration

Our exciting International Welcome Celebration is the official welcome to the University for new international students. In this celebration of our global community, you have the chance to hear from some key staff and students, find out about our international community, what's on offer at the University of Birmingham and who makes up our international community.  

This was an online interactive event, where students had the chance to meet some peers from around the world by taking part in our break out sessions, led by our current students. We have recorded the key elements from the sessions to support the live events and for those who were unable to attend the live sessions. These include:

Vice-Chancellor's Welcome Address


Student entertainment

Our current students provided entertainment, showcasing their skills and just some of the activities you can get involved with as a student.

International Welcome Celebration recording

 A recording of the key elements of the International Welcome Celebration event, including the Vice-Chancellor's Welcome Address, is available to watch again.

Who was involved

Several key students and staff members were involved, including:

  • Jon Elsmore (Director of Student Affairs),
  • Wei-Lun Chen (the International Students’ Officer),
  • Sara Saraiva (Chair of the International Student Association) and
  • Helen Eastham (Head of the International Student Team)

Our speakers are all happy to take this chance to officially welcome you to the start of your studies at Birmingham. As a member of our international community, you’re what makes the University of Birmingham a truly global presence.


Please complete our International Welcome Celebration feedback form to provide feedback about your experience of the event, which helps us to plan for future activity.