Parents' and Guardians' Welcome Address

We hope you enjoyed our virtual Parents' and Guardians' Welcome Address.

The address is designed to give the family and friends of new students an insight into university life, provide information about the services and support the University offers to its students, outlining what changes there will be to various aspects in the current Covid-19 situation and what the University has put in place to make the University safe and address potential issues.

If you missed the broadcast you can watch the recording below.

Our panel

Our panel members for the Address were as follows:

  • Jon Elsmore, Director of Student Affairs 
  • Dr Celia Greenway, Director of Student Engagement 
  • Nahid Saiyed, Assistant Director of Student Services (Student Wellbeing)
  • Tim Owen, General Manager (Student Accommodation) 
  • Tobi Adeyemi, President of the Guild of Students (Students' Union)

Feedback and questions for the panel

As outlined in the address, our panel will be happy to answer related questions from you.

Please complete our Parents' and Guardians' Welcome Address feedback form to provide feedback and ask a question to our panel members. Answers will be provided on our FAQ section below in the coming weeks. 

We have a set of frequently asked questions relating to coronavirus that the University has already answered. Please check this list for information about anything relating to this area, as the answer may already be there. 

Frequently asked questions

We will include all relevant questions posed by family and friends of students on this page as soon as possible, so please check back in the coming weeks.


How is the freshers fair (students' union events) working this year for societies etc?

The virtual welcome fair ran during Welcome week for students to access this information directly.

Students also have the opportunity to join societies that run activities throughout the year. More details are available from the student groups pages.

How can I send post to my son/daughter at their University accommodation address?

All postal addresses for student accommodation are on our accommodation website. To find the correct address for your son/daughter’s specific building, select its name on the right side, where you will find the address amongst other info.

Students receive post directly to the front door. 

How can I enquire about my son/daughter's student finance?

For general information about paying fees, please see the Student Fees website.

What is being done to ensure small cohorts of students are linked up and engaged?

With Bi-modal delivery, as with our standard provision there is the opportunity to work with different groups of students across module choices. All students will be placed in smaller groups for weekly tutorials and this provides a regular opportunity to establish bonds and engage with the wider School and University community.  

What support or reassurance can you give students who rely on public transport to get to the University (e.g. commuting students)?
As the number of Covid-19 cases seems to be increasing, isn't there a danger that the public transport network might have passenger numbers restricted or become practically impossible for students to use? 

While the public transport network is not within the University’s control, we are in close contact with local travel providers and with Birmingham City Council so we are well-informed about any potential changes. Throughout the ongoing pandemic situation the continuation of public transport has been prioritised and currently there continues to be good levels of availability and capacity.  The University is well served by public transport and, as adjacent to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, likely to be a priority route.  Where “non-essential” travel restrictions have been placed on regions this has not included travel to work nor education -  and so it remains likely that students will be able to travel to campus in support of their learning. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and be sure to keep students informed of any changes on the network that may affect access and travel to campus. 

Student Welcome video

Our students produced this Welcome video (prior to the Covid-19 situation), but we think many of the messages are still relevant for parents. Find out what students think about their family and starting university.  


Useful information 

You may also be interested in our information on understanding the first year to give you an insight into what students may experience in the first year, or you may like to join the University of Birmingham Parents Facebook group.

Find out about the services available at the University by watching the introductory videos from staff in our teams and departments

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