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Page last updated: Thursday 17 March 2022

Term dates

You can find future years' term dates on the University's main term dates page, or visit the Examinations Office for further information on examination timetables and dates. Dates provided are correct at the time of publication, but may be subject to change.

Reading weeks

Please note that the provision of reading or study weeks varies across the University. You will need to check with your School or Department to find out if you will have a reading week, and if so, when this will be. You may find the information in your programme handbook.

Academic Year 2021/22

Semester Two begins 31 January 2022
Easter vacation begins 4 April 2022
University closes (services and opening times reduced) 15 April 2022
University re-opens (services and opening times resume) 21 April 2022
Easter vacation ends 22 April 2022
University closed (Bank Holiday) 2 May 2022
Assessment Support Weeks 9-20 May
Semester Two Assessment Period begins (may include Saturday examinations) 21 May 2022
University closed (Bank Holiday) 30 May 2022
University Closed (Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday) 3 June 2022
Semester Two Assessment Period ends (may include Saturday examinations) 11 June 2022
The Birmingham Project 13-24 June 2022
Semester Two ends 24 June 2022
Supplementary exam period begins (may include Saturday examinations) 15-27 August 2022
University closed (Bank Holiday) 29 August 2022

Academic Year 2022/23

Arrivals Weekend 17-18 September 2022
Semester One begins 19 September 2022
Welcome Week (induction and orientation) begins 19-25 September 2022
Semester One teaching begins 26 September 2022
Assessment Support Week 12-16 December 2022
Christmas vacation begins 19 December 2022
University closed days begin (opening times and services reduced) 22 December 2022
University closed days end (usual opening times and services resume) 3 January 2023
Semester One Assessment period 7-21 January 2023
UoBe Festival 23-27 January 2023
Semester Two begins 30 January 2023
Easter vacation begins 27 March 2023
University closes (services and opening times reduced) 7 April 2023
University re-opens (usual opening times and services resume) 13 April 2023
Easter vacation ends 14 April 2023
University closed (Bank Holiday) 1 May 2023
Assessment Support Weeks 8-19 May 2022
Semester Two Assessment Period begins (may include Saturday examinations) 22 May 2023
University closed (Bank Holiday) 29 May 2023
Semester Two Assessment Period ends (may include Saturday examinations) 9 June 2023
The Birmingham Project 12-23 June 2023
Semester Two ends 23 June 2023
Supplementary exam period (may include Saturday examinations) TBC August 2023
University closed (Bank Holiday) 28 August 2022

UoBe Festival

UoBe Festival takes place between the end of Semester One and the start of Semester Two in January. The Festival offers a range of extra-curricular and social activities for you to gain new skills, try something new, or simply relax after the assessment period.

UoBe Festival

Degree Congregations

The summer congregations (graduations) are typically held in the first two weeks of July; specific times and dates for each School and Department will be confirmed at the beginning of April following approval by the Senate of the University. Please note that the allocation of Schools does not follow a pattern, therefore we would strongly advise graduands and guests to only make travel or accommodation plans once their attendance is confirmed and this information is available, which is usually in April.

Visit the Graduation pages for more information on degree congregations.

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