Find your flatmates

If you're moving into University-owned accommodation, finding out who your flatmates are is probably top of your list of things to do. There are several ways to find out who you will be living with.

Accommodation Pass

Before moving into University-owned accommodation, you will need to complete the Accommodation Pass, via the Accommodation Portal. As part of this you will have the option to let your future flatmates see your contact details, and in turn see the details of those who have also agreed. You will receive an email inviting you to complete the Accommodation Pass ahead of moving in.

Flatmate Finder App

The Student Mentors have created a Flatmate Finder app on Facebook which will let you find out who will be sharing your flat, other students in your hall, and those in your School who will be living near you.

Facebook Groups

The Guild of Students runs the official Facebook groups for each University accommodation, for you to chat to other students who will be living nearby.

Remember to be careful sharing your full address online, as you would be with other personal details. Students should also be aware that each year a number of unofficial Facebook groups are set up for new students. These are often run by club promoters and may deliver misleading or inaccurate information. Please refer to the University and Guild of Students pages for the most up-to-date and accurate information.