Mature students

Mature students have widely varying circumstances. We understand that your wants and needs may be quite different from the majority of students around you.

Who are mature students?

'Mature student' is generally used to refer to students who are over 21 when they start an undergraduate programme or over 25 when they start a postgraduate programme.

We realise that not all students who fall into this category will necessarily consider themselves to be a mature student. This page is designed for any student who feels their experiences may be different from other students who are starting university straight from school or college (e.g. you might be a younger student who is also a parent or has other responsibilities).

Information for current mature students

There is additional information for mature students on the University's intranet page

As a mature student you are likely to have more life experience than other students, which can put you in a great position for learning at university. Whilst starting university can be challenging regardless of age, you may face some additional challenges as a mature students. Find out what challenges mature students tend to have and how you can work to overcome them.

Postgraduate and Mature Students' Association (PGMSA)

The PGMSA is a voluntary, student-led association at the Guild of Students. Membership is free for all postgraduate and mature students at the University, and the association organises a regular and varied programme of social events, as well as representing postgraduate and mature students in the Guild and to the University. 

A week in the life of mature students

Find out what a week in the life of mature students is actually like. Some mature students tell us how it has been for them.

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