Student Communities

Our student represent a diverse community, from all walks of life and circumstances. We recognise that students may like to connect with those from similar backgrounds or situations, whether to share experiences, build networks or simply to connect with others who 'get it'.

Mature students

You are generally considered to be a mature student if you are over 21 when you start an undergraduate programme, or over 25 on a postgraduate programme. Not all students in this category will necessarily see themselves as a mature student, but you may like to find others at a similar stage of life to you. Find out more about what is available for mature students.

Students with disabilities

Starting University with a disability, learning difficulty or long term health condition can be daunting. Getting to know other students with similar experiences, particularly those in their second or third years, can be reassuring. Find out how to connect with other students with disabilities.

Local or commuting students

Many of our students are local to the University or choose to commute from the surrounding area. We know that meeting new friends can be a particular concern for those who live further away. You might like to connect with other local or commuting students to find others who live near to you, or just to meet others in a similar situation.

Students who are parents or carers

Studying alongside caring responsibilities can be a challenging but rewarding experience. We have information for students who are parents of carers to help you make the most of your studies.

LGBTQ students

As a University and as a city, Birmingham has lots of opportunities to get involved with the LGBTQ community. Find out more with our information for LGBTQ students.

Other groups and associations

The Guild of Students has over 250 student groups, so you're bound to find a group to suit you. As well as groups based around interests and hobbies, there are a number of cultural and international societies, such as the Chinese Society, Indian Society and Polish Society, and faith societies.

There are also a range of groups and associations of interest to particular communities of students, such as the International Students' Association and the Black & Ethnic Minorities' Association. You can also find societies for your course, your future career plans, or your hobbies, with everything from Disney to Debating, and Sober Socials to Skydiving.

See all groups, societies and associations at the Guild of Students


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