Where to find help

Where to find help


There will be a lot happening when you arrive and throughout Welcome Week. This page will help you find out where you can go for help with different types of queries during Arrivals Weekend and Welcome Week.

I need help with...

General questions and queries

If you need help finding your way across campus, finding services on campus or have general questions and queries, our Welcome Assistants will be based across campus, as well as in the Welcome Marquee in Chancellor's Court (Edgbaston Campus) next to the clock tower. They will be wearing bright blue t-shirts and will be happy to help. There will also be information booths dotted across campus, and you can pick up our Arrivals Weekend leaflet for more information.

Campus tours will be running from the Welcome Marquee Saturday-Monday.

Accommodation queries

If you are moving into University-owned accommodation, our student staff (pink t-shirts) and Security teams will be on hand to help make the process as smooth as possible. Please follow their instructions, and feel free to ask them for any help you need. Each student village also has its own customer service teams who will be happy to help with any queries.

If you have any queries ahead of moving in, contact Living. We also have some information on moving in.

We also have some advice for students looking for private accommodation or temporary accommodation.

Online Registration, letters and statements, and ID Cards

If you need help with Online Registration, please contact the Online Registration helpline by telephone or email enquiry as soon as possible. Help with Online Registration will also be available in the Welcome Student Hub marquee during Welcome.

The Welcome Student Hub marquee will also be providing letters and statements for new students (e.g. a proof of study letter to open a bank account), as well as ID cards for EU students and UK students who have not received their ID card by post.

Disability and mental health

Students are encouraged to disclose any disabilities to us as early as possible, to ensure we can give you the best advice about the full range of support available to you. Our disclosing a disability page explains how to do this. This includes dyslexia or other specific learning difficulties, and mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety or schizophrenia.

Fees and finance

During Arrivals Weekend you can visit Student Fees in the Welcome Marquee. From Welcome Week, you can visit the Student Fees Enquiry counter in B Block of the Aston Webb Building (R5 - Edgbaston Campus).

Emails, usernames and passwords

Your username and password will have been emailed to you when you were invited to complete Online Registration. You can change your password using the Password Manager.

If you need further help, you can contact the IT Service Desk online or by phone, or visit them in person at the Main Library. During Arrivals Weekend, you can also visit the IT Service Desk at the Welcome Marquee, for information about the services they offer, and help with things like connecting to the wifi.

Feeling overwhelmed/lonely

Whilst Welcome is a fun and exciting time, it is natural that almost everyone will feel at least some nervousness or anxiety. Our student staff at accommodation and on campus will be happy to chat to you and answer any questions you may have, and our campus tours are a good way of finding your feet on campus.

If you would like to speak to someone over Arrivals Weekend, staff from our wellbeing teams will be available over the weekend to speak to students who would like a little extra support. Speak to one of our Welcome Assistants (blue t-shirts) and ask to speak to someone.

We have a wide range of information about our Student Support available on our Student Help pages, including informaiton for students with learning support, disability or mental health needs.

The Student Mentors are a team of 12 current students who have been trained to provide advice and guidance to students living in University accommodation, including settling into life at the University, homesickness, personal difficulties, getting on with flatmates, and general wellbeing. They run events, 1-to-1 mentoring support and drop-ins throughout the year. You can contact them at any time, including before you have arrived, via email, telephone or by dropping in to their office at the Vale Hub.

Advice for family and friends of new students

We recognise that going to University can be a big change for parents, carers and partners of new students, as well as the students themselves. Open to family and friends of new students, the Parents' Welcome Addresses are designed to give you an insight into life at the University and information about the range of services and support available to students. These will run on Saturday and Sunday during Arrivals Weekend.

You are also welcome to visit the Welcome Marquee to find out about the range of services and support available to new students, and to join a campus tour.

The Parents' Welcome site has been designed with parents of new students in mind and will give you some useful information and tips. There is the section on ideas on how to help your son or daughter and understanding the first year, which will give you some insight into the types of issues students tell us they face throughout their first year at the University.

Student Help

We have a huge range of information available to students on our Student Help pages. Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions and contact relevant teams. You can use this at any time, including before you have arrived. Selecting 'Contact Us' at the bottom of any page on Student Help will allow you to submit an email enquiry to the most relevant team.

Accessing student support

To find out what support is available for specific issues, check the Support for Students website.

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