Centre for Professional Legal Education and Research

CEPLER - Centre for Professional Legal Education and ResearchThe University Crest on a lamppost on our green Edgbaston campusCEPLER - Centre for Professional Legal Education and Research

In 2012, the University launched the Centre for Professional Legal Education and Research (CEPLER). CEPLER's objectives include extending and enhancing the vocational opportunities and experiences available to Birmingham Law School students and improving their employability by making them distinctive from graduates from other law schools.

CEPLER works in collaboration with the legal profession to promote professional legal education at both undergraduate and graduate level, and to foster research opportunities with and on the legal profession.

The Centre is supported by a national set of chambers, leading firms of solicitors and members of the judiciary who are working to identify opportunities for students, practitioners and academics.

Professor Hilary Sommerlad - There are two sides to CEPLER's mission: education and research. Through practitioner and community collaboration, CEPLER is strengthening the range of opportunities for our students to increase their skills and confidence and enable them to stand out from the crowd in a competitive employment market. CEPLER is also engaging in a range of research activities in order to contribute to current understandings of the legal profession and education.

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