Facility for Environmental Nanoscience Analysis and Characterisation (FENAC)

At FENAC we have the expertise, experience and equipment to characterise nanoparticles in a variety of settings. We support research into the biological and environmental impacts of nanomaterials. We also offer tailored services to people in academia and industry who are developing nanomaterials and nanoparticle based products.

Please contact us to discuss how our laboratories can support your work.

Workshop invitation

The Risks and Rewards of Nanomaterials
Our business and industry colleagues with interests in colloidal suspensions and nanomaterials, are invited to participate in a forthcoming industry workshop to be hosted by FENAC at the University of Birmingham on 23 May 2017. The workshop is aimed at those who currently require or anticipate the need for advanced characterisation and understanding of nano-scale materials or processes, either for industrial applications, standardisation or regulatory compliance. The workshop is FREE to attend though pre-registration is required.  

See further details and register (PDF 59KB) 

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