Earning while you learn

One of the primary means of supplementing your finances while studying on a postgraduate programme is by taking on part-time employment. There are several ways in which the University can help you to finance your postgraduate study through paid work.

Graduate teaching assistantships and other University work

Research students are eligible to apply for teaching assistantships, which enable you to undertake a certain amount of teaching on undergraduate programmes. They provide a welcome additional source of income while also broadening your academic experience. You can get details of the assistantships when you speak to the named contact about your research.

You can also supplement your income by acting as a demonstrator, or by engaing in tutorial or marking work. Again, your programme tutor or research supervisor can provide further details on these opportunities.

Part-time employment

The Job Zone, based in the Guild of Students, can help you find part-time employment. Hundreds of vacancies are advertised online. Postgraduate students are very welcome to drop in and discuss their employment needs with Job Zone staff. 

Worklink, based at the Guild of Students, operates alongside the Jobzone to provide students with on-campus casual work opportunities.

Student Mentor Scheme

A very limited number of places are available for postgraduates to provide help and support to other students resident in the University's self-catered accommodation. As a student mentor you would live in one of the residences, thus providing you with accommodation, and you would be paid for your work.

Further information is available from the Student Mentor Scheme Office at the Guild of Students, by visiting the Student Mentor Scheme website or by emailing mentors@guild.bham.ac.uk

The Postgraduate Ambassadors

Each year, the University recruits a team of enthusiastic postgraduate research students to join our Postgraduate Ambassador Scheme. We regularly employ researchers to support postgraduate recruitment activity and encourage prospective students to consider research careers.

The Postgraduate Ambassador Scheme is flexible and works around your timetable. You only work if you have no prior study or social commitments and there is no minimum hourly requirement. For more information contact Emily Rozier at e.j.rozier@bham.ac.uk