Biosciences Undergraduate courses

We offer three core Biosciences degrees - with the option to specialise in a wide range of areas such as Genetics, Medical Biochemistry, Zoology or Biotechnology - as well as a Biosciences with Business Management BSc.
We also offer Natural Sciences and several Undergraduate Masters degrees.


Biochemistry students

Where chemistry, biology and medicine meet, biochemistry deals with the molecular nuts and bolts of living organisms and diseases

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Biological Sciences

Students on field trip

The science of life. Learn about animals, plants and microorganisms and how they interact in our natural environment

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Human Biology

A selection of skulls!

Focus on the aspects of biology most relevant to our own species; genetics, physiology, cell biology, evolution and development

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Natural Sciences

Students examine Allosaurs skull

A golden opportunity to exploit exciting developments at the interface between scientific disciplines

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Foundation programmes

For international students from 12-year education systems, all the above programmes are available with a foundation year through the Birmingham Foundation Academy.

Study Biosciences in the UK

Fudan 2 + 2 programme videoPartnerships exist between the University of Birmingham, UK and two chinese universities; Fudan University, Shanghai and Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan providing the opportunity for students from these universities to study and graduate with a Bioscience degree from the University of Birmingham.

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