Research activity is conducted in each of the five departments related to the field of Management at Birmingham Business School.

Business and Labour Economics

Research within the department focuses on economic policy and performance and falls under four key themes; the economics of labour markets and industrial relations, Economic performance and productivity, Governance, globalisation and regional economic development, and Globalisation, conflict and economic policy.

Entrepreneurship & Local Economy

The department hosts a group of active researchers exploring enterprise in all its forms and works closely with small business owners and founders, banks lending to start-ups, trade unions, and other academics around the world.

Organisation, Work and Employment

The research and scholarship undertaken by the OWE department covers three broadly defined areas; Human Resource Management and Employment Relations, Globalisation, and Organisation Studies.

  • Department of Organisation, Work and Employment

Procurement and Operations Management

Specialist areas of research within POM include organisational buying behaviour, supplier relationship management, public sector contracting, global value chain management, international project management, product design and conflict management.

  • Department of Procurement and Operations Management

Strategy and International Business

  • Department of Strategy and International Business