Professor Stan Siebert

Professor Stan Siebert

The Department of Business and Labour Economics
Professor of Labour Economics

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Business School
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University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

W Stanley Siebert is Professor of Labour Economics at the Business School, where he has worked since 1980. He gained his PhD at the London School of Economics. He has published widely in the major economics and industrial relations journals including the Academy of Management Journal, British Journal of Industrial Relations,  Industrial & Labor Relations Review, Management Science and Oxford Economic Papers. He is the author of two texts on labour economics The Market for Labor: An Analytical Treatment (with John Addison) and The Economics of Earnings (with Solomon Polachek). He has also edited a survey of European labor market regulation Labour Markets in Europe: Issues of Harmonisation and Regulation  (co edited with John Addison).

Stan is a member of IZA (Institute for the Study of Labour, Bonn) where most of his recent papers can be accessed ( He has recently gained an ESRC-Hong Kong RGC grant to study personnel practices in China.


Teaching: Economics of Labour Markets (with Fiona Carmichael), Intermediate Business Economics with Macro-economics (with Paolo Di Martino) and Labour Relations (with Pamela Robinson).

Administration: group leader for the Managerial Economics group, Access to Birmingham co-coordinator, Library representative.

Postgraduate supervision

  • Industrial relations (unions, worker participation);
  • European social and labour policy;
  • Vocational training and education;
  • Gender issues.


  • The European labour market - project on labour relations in Greece, the Thessaly Employment Relations Survey Questionnaire
  • Unions and economic performance
  • Economic analysis of employment protection laws
  • Personnel economics in large companies

Current projects: Bilateral (ESRC-Hong Kong) “Innovative management practices and firm performance in Chinese Workplaces”; collaboration with Institute of Occupational and Environmental Medicine to study pulmonary disease and labourforce participation (NIH); collaboration with Centre for Research on the Economy and the Workplace with input on effects of labour regulation on productvity for INDICSER and SERVICEGAP projects (FP7); collaboration on e-Frame project for measuring progress as organiser of forthcoming (May 2013) workshop on human capital and the labour market (FP7).

Other activities

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Articles in newspapers and magazines:

The Living Wage – Giving to the Haves. Economic Affairs Magazine April 2014