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Dr Horacio Soriano-Meier, Senior Lecturer at Northampton Business School, staff of the Part Time & Full Time of MBA Programmes and Module Leader of Operations management 2 & Operations Management & Quants at undergraduate programmes.

Horacio received his BSc. Civil.Engineering in 1978 from the “Universidad Central de Venezuela”, Caracas; his MBA from Bryant College (now Bryant University), Smithfield, RI, USA in 1985 and his PhD in Operations Management at Keele University, England, UK in 2001. 

Previously: Lecturer and Coordinator of the Certificate Programme in Health Service Management & Policy, Post Graduate School of Medical and Dental Education, Cardiff University. Part Time Visiting Lecturer at Birmingham Business School; prior to this he held appointments at universities in Venezuela, including: ULA; UCV and INTEL as an Associate Professor in Operations Research and Operations Management.

Horacio is a specialist and highly experienced academic in Service Operations Management.  In particular, his practical experience in quantitative methods and operations research tools have helped him to conduct demand and capacity analyses; exploratory data analyses; statistical process control and other service operations’ tools such as data modelling, data analysis using SPSS and advance statistical methods to explore side and combined effects of data in research and work situations.

He also has sound experience in Economic Analysis of Industrial Projects and the application of Linear Programming. He has more than twenty years of experience working in the industrial/service sector: firstly as a consultant, and then as a researcher in OPs Management in small, medium and complex firms.

His research interests lie both in Operations Management and Health Service Management.  A very important area is that of System Thinking and Lean Operations, and he is especially interested in "the study of flows and processes" within any manufacturing/service industry.  His work on assessing the degree of implementation of Lean Thinking initiatives on the UK tableware ceramic industry was of great help to this sector.  Based on his work, the sector found the main issues to be addressed in order to become more effective, productive and financially viable.

In the health sector, Horacio has designed a series of workshops in order to implement Systems Thinking and Lean Operations tools within healthcare.  One particular example was the delivery of workshops in order to foster the implementation of both tools at Rookwood Hospital in Cardiff.  This was successfully implemented and the length of stay in Rookwood hospital went from 18 weeks to 12 weeks, making the Hospital the leading centre for neuro-rehabilitation within the U.K, doubling patients’ throughput with same budget.

Horacio received his PhD in Operations Management at Keele University, his Doctoral thesis was about the design of the “4C Model”, a tool that measures the degree of implementation of Lean Operations in manufacturing firms.  A similar tool if proposed for the health sector, where the use of System Thinking and Lean Operations together has demonstrated to be vital in fostering radical improvements as in Rookwood Hospital.

His previous expertise as an engineer and management consultant, involved in strategic and financial analysis of business (private & public sector), has been helpful to  formulate new plans and alternatives to new business. 

Recent and some previous activities include:

Supervision of a PhD student in Brazil, who replicated successfully the research study in Lean Manufacturing conducted in the UK Ceramic Tableware Industry, on the agricultural sector of the north eastern region of Brazil. Also supervision of 18 MSc at University of Cardiff, 4 at University of Birmingham and 15 at University of Northampton.

Course Tutor on Generic Curriculum residential programme for Specialist Registrars (junior doctors) where he taught Management, System Thinking and Negotiation.  Specialist Registrars are trained for their new role as consultants.

Previous activities:

Management Consultant –CORPOVEN (largest oil company in Venezuela) In-Company course and supervisor of MSc students/dissertations in Engineering Maintenance, January 1992 – May 1994, in the area of “Strategic Management.”

-SIDOR (Largest Venezuelan Steel Company) In-Company course for MSc in Operations Research in agreement with Universidad Central de Venezuela, September 1986 – June 1986, where he was the course leader of “Linear Programming” and  “Economic Decision Making Analysis” modules


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