Undergraduate scholarships and prizes

The School of Chemical Engineering provides a number of scholarships to candidates with excellent academic records applying for undergraduate programmes, and awards prizes to our top performing undergraduate students at all levels of study. 

Scholarships for UK/EU students

Entrance Scholarships for Chemical Engineering (Home/EU students):

The School of Chemical Engineering has a number of High Achievers Entrance Scholarships for Home/EU for candidates with excellent academic records applying for undergraduate programmes. We have: 

  • five at £4500 
  • three at £2650 

There is no special application process for the scholarships – awards will be made automatically to all eligible UK and EU students  admitted to the School of Chemical Engineering at the University of Birmingham. 

These awards will be made to home/EU students who attain the highest tariff points on entry.


BP STEM Scholarships:

Launched in 2012, the BP STEM Scholarships are intended to encourage and support students with a passion for certain STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) subjects. 

Each year BP will offer scholarships to up to 10 students from the University of Birmingham. Each scholarship is worth up to £20 000 with scholars receiving £5000 per year for the duration of their degree (up to four years). The scholarship is not intended to cover fees but offer students support with the costs of resources and living. Learn more about the BP STEM scholarships.


Scholarships for international students

The following awards are available to all privately funded international students applying for undergraduate programmes in the School of Chemical Engineering:

  Amount awarded
per year
Cumulative value
of award per year
Who is eligible?
Entry Bursary £1,500 £1,500 All international Students
Excellence Scholarship £1,500 £3,000 International students with an excellent academic standard

These awards are cumulative, so the best students will receive a total of £3000 to offset their tuition fees. 

All eligible students will receive an Entry Bursary of £1500 per year. Those whose performance is judged to be excellent will receive an additional Excellence Scholarship of £1500 per year. Therefore, the best students could receive a total of £12,000 over a four year degree, provided the student proceeds normally to the next level.

A wide range of international qualifications will be considered - please contact the admissions tutor to find out the criteria that would apply in each case.

Other scholarships

Music Scholarships

Birmingham’s musical heritage reaches back to our first Professor of Music, Edward Elgar. Today, both the new Bramall Music Building and the Barber Institute host regular public performances from our two orchestras, choirs, bands and other music ensembles. In recognition of this legacy, the University of Birmingham will be offering new Music Scholarships to new undergraduates. Learn more about the music scholarships.

More scholarships

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Details of our prizes and awards