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Welcome to the School of Chemistry

Image of the entrance to the School of Chemistry

Welcome to the School of Chemistry

Image of the undergraduate teaching laboratories - rotary evaporators

Welcome to the School of Chemistry

Research equipment - glass condenser

Chemistry is an exciting and rapidly changing subject which is crucial to our understanding of many of today's global issues. Our undergraduate and postgraduate courses, facilities and expertise enable our students and staff to study and work at the leading-edge of this important subject.


April 2014

Tue 14 Apr RSC Bioinorganic Award BSN Seminar
14.00 - Prof. O'Halloran, Northwestern University (Haw 101) "Inorganic Chemistry of Cellular Decision Making Processes: Structure and Dynamics of Transition Metal Receptors
Host: Prof. M. Hannon 

Tue 29 Apr MSC Research Seminar
14.00 - Prof. Matthew Gaunt, University of Cambridge (McE G36)
Organiser: Dr P. Davies 


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Chemistry and Biomedical Imaging masters/msc

Drug discovery and medicinal chemistry masters/msc

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Nuffield Science Project Student

gets to the final of the National Science and Engineering Competition.

Congratulations to Elli Chatzopoulou

Congratulations to Elli Chatzopoulou
who was selected to present a poster at the RSC Organic Division Poster Symposium in Burlington House, London.

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 With over a hundred years of  dedication to excellence in research and teaching, the School of Chemistry is one of the UK's leading chemistry departments.

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Athena Swan

As a result of the University’s commitment to equality and diversity, the University was awarded the Bronze Athena SWAN award in March 2012. The School of Chemistry is committed to the values supported by the Athena Swan Charter supporting women in science and is working towards the recognition of the Bronze Award.