Jason Burg

Jason Burg

Department of Drama and Theatre Arts
Doctoral Researcher

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PhD title: 'Remember where you are!': the use of English cathedrals as theatrical performance spaces
Supervisor: Professor Russell Jackson
PhD Dramaturgy


BA - Theatre Studies (Minors in Shakespeare Studies, and Spanish Language and Culture), Southern Oregon University 2012

MA - Shakespeare, Stratford-upon-Avon and the Social and Cultural Histrory of Reniassance England, The Shakespeare Institute (University of Birmingham) 2011

MPhil(B) - Directing and Dramaturgy, University of Birmingham 2012

PhD - Drama and Theatre Studies, University of Birmingham 2016 (expected)


Other Training:

Paleaography; Spanish Language; Lighting Design; 


I am orginally from University Place, Washington, USA where I worked in community theatre as a Master Electrician throughout secondary school.  From 2004-2008 I attended Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon where I received my BA in Theatre Arts with minors in Shakespeare Studies, and Spanish Language and Culture.  While in undergrad I atteneded La universidad de Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras and the AHA Language School in Segovia, Spain.  I then worked as a Lighting Designer and Lead Stage Technician before attending The Shakespeare Institute for my MA in 2010.  My MA thesis was a historical analysis of the medieval and early modern records relating to theatrical performance in Lincoln Cathedral and St Mary's church, Long Sutton, Lincolnshire.  For my MPhil I studied the ways in which modern productions of medieval English drama (focusing on The Annunciaton from York) have been adapted in twentieth century performance.


My research focuses on the ways in which the use of cathedrals as theatrical performance spaces affect all aspects of a production (including everything from play selection, editing, design, blocking, rehearsal techniques, acting styles, ect.).  I am particularly interested in the role space plays in performance and the application of geographical theories such as those of Henri Lefebvre and Michel Foucault to the study of performance space.