Sandra Chinyeaka Nwokocha

Sandra Chinyeaka Nwokocha

Department of English Literature
Doctoral researcher

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Phd title: Oppression against women in the Nigerian novel: an exploration of selected novels of Adichie, Atta and Agary
Supervisors: Dr Dave Gunning
PhD English Literature


We seemingly live in a society where women from birth are stamped with discriminations and inequalities of many kinds, including inequality of the sexes. The outgrowth of this inherently oppressive socioeconomic and cultural organization is responsible for the historical subjugation of women. This oppressive situation, to which Nigerian women find themselves, places them in a disadvantaged position of male dominance. The disparity is evident in the early works of Nigerian male writers such as Achebe, Soyinka amongst others whose creative pieces depict Nigerian women as objects better to be seen than to be heard. However, with the recent fictional works of twenty-first Nigerian female novelists such as Adichie, Atta and Agary, these inglorious portrayals are being corrected with positive self-assertive and militant female characters.