Undergraduate study in English Language and Applied Linguistics

English Language undergraduatesEnglish Language can be studied at Birmingham in a number of ways: as a Single Honours degree, as one half of a Joint Honours degree, and as a component in Major-Minor combinations in Modern Languages.

Full details of these courses are available through the links below.

Our English Language undergraduate degree courses

Single honours

English Language BA

We all use language every day, but how many of us stop to think about it? The study of language demands discipline, observation, exploration and imagination. Some aspects, like phonology and grammar, ask for particular attention to detail, accuracy and logical argument. Other [more...]

English Language and Literature BA

Studying the literature and language of English in combination allows you to explore the ways in which the English language has shaped and been shaped by culture throughout our history and continues to do and be so in the present day. You will gain an understanding of the [more...]

If you are interested in studying English Language as part of a larger suite of humanities modules, you may wish to consider the BA English.

Hear from our students

Open day talk

[Video above - Dr Jeanette Littlemore giving the June 2014 undergraduate open day talk.]