Hear from our postgraduate students

Find out what it's like to be a postgraduate student in the School, and see how our courses have benefited past students in their chosen careers.

John Hammond video stillJohn Hammond (BBC Weatherman) - MSc Applied Meteorology and Climatology

"Some of the people, some of the faces that are here today who I remember way back when have been inspirational in my career."

Linus AntlovLinus Antlov - MSc Hydrogeology

"The course benefited me greatly because it exposed me to all aspects of hydrogeology, and I can now look at a hydrogeology project and understand the dynamics behind why water behaves the way it does under the ground."

Pablo CasanovaPablo Casanova - MSc Hydrogeology

"This is one of the most respected courses worldwide, with extremely dedicated teachers willing to help you and support you at anytime."

Sylvia de la Peña de la VegaSylvia de la Peña de la Vega - MSc Public and Environmental Health

"I acquired knowledge of environmental protection and I had the opportunity to develop a prevention program for a public health issue affecting my country."

Charley WoodmanCharley Woodman - MSc Environmental Health

"The course was well structured and provided me with an excellent grounding in all the core disciplines of Environmental Health."

Yasir Ashraf Yasir Ashraf - MSc Applied and Petroleum Micropalaeontology

"The specialist course modules and teaching by academics as well as industrial staff makes my course stand out."

Mariam Musa BubakariMariam Musa Bubakari - MSc Science of Occupational Health, Safety and the Environment

"I look forward to being a successful occupational health and safety consultant, contributing to bringing about positive change towards employee health and safety."

Toby CampbellToby Campbell - MSc Air Pollution Management and Control

"Being awarded the Sir Oliver Lodge prize has boosted my professional career and enabled me to provide an extra level of detail and understanding to my clients needs."

Guido MartinezGuido Martínez - MSc in Public and Environmental Health Sciences

"Our curriculum includes speakers from different areas of the subject; this means a range of points of view can be learnt for a specific topic."

Katie MuchanKatie Muchan - MSc River Environmental Management*

"I [...] had the chance to attend a UK conference and undertake a consultancy-style group project, which provided ideal opportunities to network with people in well-known Environmental companies."

Kirithika RajuKirithika Raju, Msc Science of Occupational Health, Safety and the Environment

"The course has benefited me by improving my researching, leadership, teamwork, and time management abilities. It has also given me a global perspective regarding occupational health, safety and environmental issues through the use of guest speakers."

Taha Nadeem, MSc Public and Environmental Health Sciences 

"I am grateful to the programme leaders for all of their understanding, cooperation and support. Not only did they offer help, but they offered it unconditionally - despite their extremely busy schedule."



* Now called River Environments and their Management MSc