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School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Oliver Hölzinger

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School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences


Title of PhD: How can the value of ecosystem services be best implemented in decision-making and environmental-economic policy instruments.

Supervisors: Professor Jon Sadler, Dr Dan van der Horst and Dr Corrado Di Maria

The main aim of Oliver’s interdisciplinary research is to identify how the value of ecosystems and ecosystem services can be better acknowledged and integrated in governmental and corporate decision-making processes as well as corresponding policy instruments. He evaluates which barriers exist keeping decision-makers from implementing the value of ecosystem services into their everyday decisions and which actions and tools can mitigate such barriers. He is also interested in the incentive- and power-structures of decision-makers and other actors being involved in environmental politics.

Oliver is a part-time PhD researcher. Besides his research at the University of Birmingham he works as freelance consultant for environmental economics and policy. His work and research are closely related and he acts as an intermediate in the interface between academia, politics, and economy.


Diploma Economist (similar to Masters of Economic Science) 2004-2009, Institute for Economics and Law, University of Oldenburg, Germany


Oliver holds a diploma in economics from the University of Oldenburg, Germany. His studies were focussed on sustainability economics and management. Whilst studying, Oliver gained a special interest in the political dimension of environmental-economic problems; particularly why governmental institutions so often fail to inhibit or mitigate market failures. His diploma thesis was ‘die institutionenökonomische Analyse des Politikversagens beim Klimaschutz’ (the institutional-economic analysis of the political failure in climate protection).

Oliver gained his first professional experience as scientific intern with Green Budget Germany, undertaking a study about externalities and subsidies in the German coal industry, commissioned by Greenpeace Germany. In 2010 he entered the United Kingdom and started working as freelance consultant (Consultancy for Environmental Economics & Policy). He values ecosystem services and develops strategies and tools to better implement such values into decision-making processes. Clients include different Wildlife Trusts, Birmingham City University, Birmingham City Council, and the Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSD UK).


Research interests

Ecosystem services, ecosystem valuation, institutional ecological economics, environmental decision-making

Other activities

Oliver is member of the Valuing Nature Network (VNN), the Natural Capital Initiative (NCI), the UK Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSD-UK) Corporate Ecosystem Valuation (CEV) task force, and the Ecosystems Knowledge Network (EKN).


Books & Book Sections

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Hölzinger, O., 2010. Institutionenökonomische Analyse des Politikversagens beim Klimaschutz: Warum dem Marktversagen “Klimawandel” ein massives Politikversagen “Klimaschutz” entgegensteht, VDM Verlag Dr. Müller.

Grey Literature

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Hölzinger, O. & Dench, D., 2011. The Economic Value of Gwen Finch Wetland Reserve, Worcester: Worcestershire Wildlife Trust. Available at: http://ceep-online.co.uk/index.php/projects-a-publications/77-the-economic-evaluation-of-gwen-finch-wetland-reserve.

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