Chris Game


Visiting Lecturer

Institute of Local Government Studies

Contact details


Research interests

  • Generally: almost anything to do with the politics of sub-central government, esp. in the UK but also comparative
  • More specifically: elections, electoral behaviour and electoral systems; political parties; political leadership; councillors and councillor roles; political management of local authorities; member-officer relations; central-local government relations

Current and recent projects


Game C (2014) Hanging in there: What happened to the NOC councils after May 2014? – INLOGOV Briefing Paper –

Game C (2014) The 2014 local elections: A preview – INLOGOV Briefing Paper –

Game C (2012) ‘Three Decades, Two Governments, One Direction: An Account of Management Innovation in British Local Government’, Proceedings of International Conference on ‘Government Management and Innovation: Theory and Practice’ (Instituto Politécnico de Macau), pp.8-27.

Game C (2012) ‘The fantasy of scale in the UK and Indonesia’ in J. Nemec and M. de Vries (eds.), Global Trends in Public Sector Reform (Brussels: IASIA) –

Game C (2012) ‘La “modernització” del govern local del Regne Unit’ (New Labour’s ‘Modernisation’ of UK Local), Papers del CIL, núm. 4. (Barcelona: Diputació de Barcelona). 

Game C (2012) ‘Elected mayors: The serpentine progress of an unloved reform’’ in J. Raine and C. Staite (eds.), The World Will Be Your Oyster? (Birmingham: Institute of Local Government Studies, March 2012) –

Wilson D and Game C (2011) Local Government in the United Kingdom, 5th ed. (Palgrave).

Cameron R and Game C (2010) Report on Sizes of Municipalities in South Africa (Pretoria: Municipal Demarcation Board).

Game C, Raine J, Ishihara T and Takehisa A (2010) ‘The 2010 British General Election: The Beginning of the End of Single-Party Majority Government?’ Kwansei Gakuin University Social Sciences Review, Vol. 15.

Game C (2009) ‘Mayors, Monitors and Measurers: Blair’s Legacy to Local Democracy’, in T. Casey (ed.), The Blair Legacy: Politics, Policy, Governance, and Foreign Affairs (Palgrave) -

Game C (2009) ‘Electoral Quotas: Should the UK Learn from the Rest of the World?’ Commonwealth Journal of Local Governance, Issue 3 –

Game C (2009) ‘Twenty-nine per cent Women Councillors after a Mere 100 Years: Isn’t it time to look seriously at electoral quotas?’ Public Policy and Administration, 24:2, pp. 149-70 –

Wilson D and Game C (2006/08) Local Government in the United Kingdom, 4th ed. (Palgrave, 2006) – translated into Korean (Seoul: Pakyoung Publishing, 2008).

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