Chris Game


Visiting Lecturer

Institute of Local Government Studies

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Research interests

  • Generally: almost anything to do with the politics of sub-central government, esp. in the UK but also comparative
  • More specifically: elections, electoral behaviour and electoral systems; political parties; political leadership; councillors and councillor roles; political management of local authorities; member-officer relations; central-local government relations


Current and recent projects



  • Writing one of the thematic papers for the independent Commission on Local Councillors on reducing barriers and increasing incentives to becoming and remaining a councillor. My paper focuses on the barriers and incentives created by the legal and electoral system (Summer 2007).
  • Updating the Association of Electoral Administrators’ Diploma Manual. I am re-writing the section on 'Public Administration', with particular emphasis on current issues facing electoral administrators (2006-07).
  • Discovering the history of the ‘lost’ Cotswold county of Winchcombeshire (Municipal Journal, 3rd May, 2007).
  • Acting, and writing, as ‘expert’ to the Birmingham Mail's petition campaign for a referendum on an elected mayor (2007/08) articles.
  • Producing 4th edition of David Wilson and Chris Game, Local Government in the United Kingdom (Palgrave) - 1,500 paperback sales in first six months! (2006)
  • Preparing a poster presentation on Birmingham’s 2005 election fraud trial for the Annual Conference of the American Political Science Association in Philadelphia (2006).
  • Writing a daily ‘A to Z of elections’ column for The Birmingham Post throughout the General Election campaign , in addition to longer ‘Perspective’ pieces on election timing, systemic bias in the electoral system, postal voting, the papal election, performance of the opinion polls – and, more recently, Curzon Street Station arch, public conveniences, Monty Panesar, the death penalty, the origins of football clubs, British Summer Time, etc.
  • Consultancy for Hampshire County Council, with fellow INLOGOV Associate, Bill Hamilton, on the Council’s piloting of scrutiny and area committees (2004/05).
  • Research study for the Local Government International Bureau (LGIB), with IDD colleagues, Simon Delay and Lara Green, on ‘Why should my local authority be involved in an overseas 


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Game C (2002) ‘La revolution à 5% de l’administration local britannique: l’impact hesitant du programme de modernisation des nouveaux travaillistes’, Revue Internationale des Sciences Administratives, 68:3, 465-80

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