Dr Tsering Topgyal

Dr Tsering Topgyal

Department of Political Science and International Studies
Lecturer in International Relations

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Department of Political Science and International Studies
School of Government and Society
Muirhead Tower
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Dr. Tsering Topgyal is a Lecturer in International Relations. He is currently working on a number of conference and research articles and book chapters on topics such as "Discursive Denial as a Foreign Policy Strategy", "Securitisation and Self-Immolations: shifting the site of inter-subjectivity and sociality" and "Sino-South Asian Relations: India and Nepal." He is also commencing work on a research monograph titled "Comparative Securitisation: the construction of Tibet as (In)Security in Sino-Indian Relations." See here for his latest publication.

Feedback and office hours

Office: 320 Muirhead Tower

Office Hours: 1-2pm, Monday and Wednesday


Lecturer in International Relations:

  • PhD in International Relations, London School of Economics, 2012   
  • Masters of Pacific International Affairs (MPIA), University of California, San Diego, 2002
  • BA in Political Science, Berea College, USA,   2000


Dr. Tsering Topgyal is Lecturer in International Relations at the University of Birmingham. He completed his PhD at the London School of Economics (LSE) in 2012. In 2012-2013, Tsering was a Teaching Fellow in International Relations at Royal Holloway, University of London, where he taught Chinese foreign policy and International Relations.

Tsering's research and teaching interests include Chinese foreign and security policy with special attention to its ethnic conflicts, Asia-Pacific security and politics, Sino-Indian relations, and the Sino-Tibetan conflict. He has published articles in peer-reviewed journals like Pacific Affairs, Politics and Religion Journal, Journal of Contemporary China and China Report. Tsering’s book Deadly Cycles: The Insecurity Dilemma and the Sino-Tibetan Conflict will be published by Hurst and Oxford University Press in 2014.


Asia-Pacific Security (postgraduate)

The International Politics of East Asia (undergraduate seminar)

Doctoral research

PhD title "The Insecurity Dilemma and the Sino-Tibetan Conflict"


Research interests:

  • Chinese foreign and security policy with special attention to its ethnic conflicts
  • Asia-Pacific security and politics
  • Sino-Indian relations
  • Security studies: securitisation and the Insecurity Dilemma
  • The Sino-Tibetan conflict

 Current projects:

  • Securitisation and self-immolations
  • Comparative securitisation: Tibet in Sino-Indian relations
  • Sino-South Asian relations: India and Nepal
  • Discursive denial as a foreign policy strategy

Other activities

Independent Consultant, Radio Free Asia (RFA), Washington DC, 09/2009-Present

Trustee, Tibet Watch (Research and Analysis Organisation with operations in London, India and Nepal), London, 09/2007-Present

Editorial Production Manager, European Journal of International Relations, 05/2006-03/2008

Conference Organiser, Millennium Journal of International Studies, LSE, 05-11/2006


  • BookManuscript

Topgyal, T. (2014), Deadly Cycles: The Insecurity Dilemma and the Sino-Tibetan Conflict,Hurst and Oxford University Press, New York, (Forthcoming).

  • Journal Articles

Topgyal, T. (September 2013), "Identity Insecurity and the Tibetan Resistance," Pacific Affairs, Vol. 86, No. 3.

Topgyal, T. (Autumn 2012), "The Securitisation of Tibetan Buddhism in Communist China," Politics and Religion Journal, Vol. 6, No. 2.

Topgyal, T. (April-June 2011), "Charting the Tibet Issue in the China-India Border Dispute," China Report, Vol. 47, No. 2.

Topgyal, T., (June 2011), "The Insecurity Dilemma and the Tibetan Uprising in 2008," Journal of Contemporary China, Vol. 20, No 70.


Topgyal, T. (2008), "To Avoid Incurring the Hostility of the Chinese Government"”: British Tibet Policy in Historical Perspective,' Commissioned by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tibet, Westminster, London.

Topgyal, T. (2008), "Executive Summary," "Constancy, change and potential in British Tibet policy" and "Appendix" in The current situation in Tibet: A report by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tibet, May, 2008.