Past events - Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology


10th December - Performability, Laments And The Christos Paschon

3rd December - Constantinople, Cairo Or Alexandria? Latin Merchants And Papal Trade Exemptions In The Late Medieval Mediterranean

26th November - Persons, Practices And Things In Circulation Between Byzantium And The British Isles In The Viking Age

19th November - 'What's In A Name?' Sculptors And Workships In Eleventh-Century Greece

12th November - Lessons From A New History Of Byzantium, 955-1097 AD

29th October - On The Spot: The Appanage In Palaiologan Politics

22nd October - Nicholas Mesarites: A Man For All Seasons

20th October - 'The Urban Splash Story' - Tom Bloxham MBE, Urban Splash

15th October - Women Of The Komnenian House Under Manuel I, As Seen In The Poems Of Mangeneios Prodromos

1st October - Representing Roman imperial women: family resemblance among the Julio-Claudians

26th July-23rd August - Byzantine Greek Summer School 2015

30th May - CBOMGS 16th Annual Postgraduate Colloquium

23rd May - Greece in Crisis: Culture and the Politics of Austerity

26th March - CBOMGS seminar: The Photian schism (858-880): towards a cultural history

25th March - Writing in the Mansion of Gold: Inscriptions from the Egyptian alabaster quarries at Hatnub

12th March - CBOMGS seminar: The Saga of ancient statues in medieval Constantinople

11th March - Identities in the Roman Empire: Discrepancy and Heterogeneity in Provincial Societies

5th March - Greek Tragedy on the Small Screen: 'Agamemnon' and 'Of Mycenae and Men'

26th February - CBOMGS seminar: From Theophanes to Psellos: transformations of Byzantine historiography

26th February - Greek Tragedy on the Small Screen: 'King Oedipus' and 'Oedipus the King'

25th February - Herodotus' travels in Britain (and beyond)

23rd February - Inaugural Lecture: Professor Simon Esmonde-Cleary

5th February - CBOMGS seminar: Refashioning a maritime past in the Eastern Mediterranean

4th February - Archaic Greek society, politics and slavery: assumptions and evidence

29th January - CBOMGS seminar: Friends, colleagues and grand vezirs: the Ottoman art of letter-writing

29th January - Birmingham and Midlands Classical Association New Year Lecture

28th January - Lycurgus in Leaflets and Lectures: The Weiße Rose and Classics at Munich University 1941-45

22nd January - CBOMGS seminar: Byron's Greece 1809-1824

15th January - CBOMGS seminar: The Christianization of Crete and the Peloponnese in the Late Antique period

14th January - Classical Sparta: An Exceptional Domination of State over Society?