Ruth Léger

Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology
Doctoral Researcher

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Title of thesis: The Cult of Artemis

Supervisor: Dr Ken Wardle


  • 2011: Ancient Culture MA - Universiteit Utrecht, Artemis in Attica
  • 2010: History of Art BA - Universiteit Utrecht                                  

Doctoral research


For my Masters degree at Utrecht University (NL) I researched the Cult of the Greek goddess Artemis in Attica. After this initial research I felt like there was a lot more I could do with this subject and I wanted to take it to a more advanced level, giving myself the time and space to explore this interesting goddess more.

What was the role of Artemis in Greek society? This is illustrated through case studies of the rites of passage taking place at the following sites: the main cult in Attica (Brauron), Sparta and Ephesus. To put the worship of Artemis in perspective I use the cults of Athena Alea in Tegea and of important women connected to Artemis (Helen, Iphigeneia). The comparison of these different cults will enable me to show patterns across time and place and highlight the principal characteristics of Artemis.

The different Artemis-cults give an overview of her worship in different times at different places. As more information about the cults becomes known by researching similar topics for each region, the better the goddess can be distinguished from her fellow divinities and the better a picture of her nature can be provided.


Léger, R. (2013) ‘A Sanctuary of Artemis the Fertility Goddess’ Rosetta 13.5: 16-21.