Street Law

The Street Law programme sends Birmingham Pro Bono Group (Birmingham PBG) members into the community to facilitate discussions and teach classes about the law.

Student taking notes in a lecture

It strives to identify the needs of the local community and apply practical legal education to make positive change. In doing so, it is developing a number of projects with specific aims:

  • Juvenile Justice: Teaching young people in the juvenile justice system about the law.
  • Street Wise: Educating young people about police powers to stop and search.
  • Street Save: Teaching young people about the law and public policies related to the possession of offensive weapons.
  • DOPE:  Educating communities about drugs legislation
  • Going Places:  Informing and empowering young people to find solutions to the problems they face when transitioning into adulthood.  
  • Parents, Families and the Law: Educating young parents and families about their legal rights and responsibilities.
  • Execute Justice: Educating communities about the problems and barriers within the legal and justice system.
  • Respect the Human: Teaching all about the role of human rights with an emphasis on diversity, religion, disability and mental illness.
  • Home Smart: Educating landlords, tenants and those facing homelessness about their rights and obligations under the law.
  • Victims and the Law: Outlining legal processes to persons directly affected by crime.
  • Digital Privacy & Piracy: Outlining modern legal issues concerning social media and file sharing on the internet.

Please contact the Birmingham PBG Street Law Coordinators for more information about the programme or to discuss arranging a Street Law presentation within your community. Contact details can be found on the About the Pro Bono Group Page.