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Dr Julian Lonbay researches and advises on the law relating to legal education, lawyers and other professionals; and cross-border practice and the rules affecting such practice. He has participated in many conferences, research projects and events around the world. In 2008-2009 he headed a pan-European team reviewing legal education and training In Turkey in an EU funded project. In November 2010 he gave a paper at the Moscow State University Higher School of Economics, Faculty of Law in Moscow on Reflections on the European dimension in legal education in EuropeIn November 2011, he was invited by the OSCE & National Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan Republic to give two papers at a conference on “Strengthening the Legal Profession and Access to Justice” in Baku, Azerbaijan and in October 2013 he gave a paper on deontology at the European Commission conference on the free movement of lawyers, for example. He is currently a consultant to the EU and Council of Europe advising on the initial training of lawyers in Georgia.


  •  LLB (Dundee, Scotland)
  •  Doctor of Law (EUI, Florence, Italy)


Dr Julian Lonbay studied for his law degree in Scotland at Dundee University and undertook his doctoral studies in Fiesole at the European University Institute. He has been based at Birmingham Law School since 1979. Julian was a Professeur Invité at the Faculty of Law and Economic Science in the University of Limoges in France between 1981-2009, a visiting professor at the Law School of the University of Indiana, in Bloomington, Indiana, USA, 1985-1987 and was the Commerzbank Visiting Professor of Law at Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, Germany in 2003. He has lectured and given papers at universities in London, Stockholm, Wuhan, Maastricht, Brussels, Leuven, San Francisco, New York, Washington DC, Saint Louis, Strasbourg, Warsaw, Ankara, Seville, Valencia, Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro, Kuala Lumpur and in many other countries.


  •  Legal Foundations of the European Union (LLB)
  •  Regulation of the Legal Profession (LLB)(module leader)
  •  Introduction to the Study of Law (ISOL) (module leader)
  •  Trading with the European Union (LLM) (module leader)
  •  EU Competition Law (LLM)(module leader)
  •  Introduction to Common Law (LLM) (course leader)
  •  European Human Rights Law (LLM) (module leader)
  •  International Human Rights Law (LLM) (module leader)
  • Advanced Law of the EU  (LLB) (module leader)

Postgraduate supervision

Law of the European Union, generally and in particular;

  • the law relating to lawyers and other professionals; 
  • cross-border practice and the rules affecting such practice
  • legal education

Current doctoral supervision

Dr Lonbay is currently supervising one doctoral student undertaking research in the following area:

  • Torture and Failure to Exhaust Domestic Remedies as indicators of a failure to secure judicial independence
  • EU & WTO Law in the gas market, in relation to Gazprom


Dr Lonbay’s research centres on the law relating to legal education; lawyers and other professionals; and cross-border practice and the rules affecting such practice. He has undertaken several major research projects in these areas. The first was for the United Kingdom and Irish Law Societies on the implementation of Directive 89/48/EEC on the mutual recognition of professional qualifications within the EU and EEA. He has also completed a project for the European Commission creating a Website that allows lawyers to facilitate their mobility around the Community (ELIXIR). He has worked for Lord Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Legal Education and Conduct (ACLEC) on continuing legal education in the EU and completed an extensive Report on specialist nurses within the EU for the EC Commission (MARKT). Julian was the Director of the Institute of European Law until September 2000.

Other activities

Dr Lonbay sits on the Learning and Teaching Committee and Research Board as well as School Committee. He also serves on the School’s post graduate scholarship and PTA panel.

Julian is the UK representative on the Training Committee of the Council of the Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE) (since 2001), which he chaired from 2003-2010. He is a member of the International Relation Council of the Union of Turkish Bars,  a member of the governing Council of their EU Law centre and consultant to their Monitoring and Evaluation of Law Education Committee. Julian is a past president of the European Law Faculties Association (ELFA) and was member of the Legal Education Council of PILNET. He has been on the Advisory Board of the UK Centre for Legal Education (UKCLE), the Society of Legal Scholars (SLS) Standing Education Committee, and acted as Treasurer for British Association of Comparative Law (BACL) for many years. He is an elected Associate member of the International Association of Comparative Law and the International Association of Procedural Law.




  • Training Lawyers in the European Community (with others) (the Law Society, 1990)
  • International Professional Practice (with Dr Spedding) (Chancery Law/Wiley, 1992)
  • Legal Education in Turkey, (UTBA, 2014) ( with M Toprak)

Edited books

  • Frontiers of Competition Law (Chancery Law, Wiley, 1994)
  • Enhancing the Legal Position of the European Consumer (BIICL, 1996)
  • Remedies for Breach of EC Law before National Courts (Wiley, 1997) (with Andrea Biondi)
  • Pharmaceutical Medicine, Biotechnology and European Law (with Richard Goldberg) (CUP, 2001)

Chapters in books

  • Chapter “Legal clinics in Turkey” in Sarker (ed) Clinical Legal Education in Asia Accessing Justice for the Underprivileged (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015) (with M Toprak)
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Journal Papers

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Official Reports

  • Study of Specialist Nurses in the European Union, European Commission (Internal Market DG/04). 1999 [FUNDED RESEARCH] Published in August 2000 and translated, in part, into French and German, approx. 800pp A Study of specialist nurses in the EU http://ec.europa.eu/internal_market/qualifications/specific-sectors_en.htm#nurses-otherdocs
  • Lord Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Legal education (ACLEC) research on Continuing Legal Education in the EU and Australia: Report written and submitted (20pp) and used by the Committee (mostly verbatim) in its Second Report on Legal Education (July 1997) (and duly acknowledged)
  • The JURISMUS project conference (held under the auspices of the EU GROTIUS programme) in Brussels in September 1997 was successful and the exchange of lawyers was completed.  Dr Lonbay is a member of the Academic Committee of the Jurismus project. The IEL's WWW site carry information relating to this conference and programme [FUNDED RESEARCH] Report on IEL WWW under “Lawyers”
  • Chapter in a Report to the Dutch Ministry of Education on “Reception of EU educational law in the UK and the UK IGC negotiating posture” (November 1995)
  • The Training Needs of Solicitors in the Light of the New Opportunities in the Single Market and in Eastern and Central Europe (The Law Society, 1992) (58pp) [FUNDED RESEARCH]
  • Report on the EEA Legal Professions (The four Law Societies', May 1993) (215pp) [FUNDED RESEARCH]
  • "Lawfirm Organisation (National and Transnational)" for the International Association of Procedural Law (September 1991)
  • Sundry Reports for the Four Law Societies' of the UK and Ireland Project (see below) [FUNDED RESEARCH]

Other Publications


European law; regulation of professions; legal education and training of lawyers; free movement rules relating to mobility of professions in Europe; continuing legal education in Europe