Research staff - Centre for the Study of Hispanic Exile

Professor Frank Lough

His main research interests are in 20th century Hispanic narrative, in particular the avant-garde novel of the 1920's, the social novel of the 1930's, and the literature of the Republican exiles. In this area he has published work on Benjamín Jarnés, Ramón J Sender and Manuel Andújar. He has recently compoleted a critical edition of Sender's La esfera which is due for publication in 2008 and is working on a monograph on Spanish Civil War Literature. He has delivered papers at conferences in the UK, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, and Mexico.

Dr Monica Jato

Dr Elisenda Marcer

Antonio M Sánchez

His research interests lie in the fields of Modern Hispanic poetry and narrative, intellectual history, the interaction between literature and history, exile and censorship in Hispanic culture. He has published work on Mario Vargas Llosa, José Carlos Mariátegui, the Spanish poet Fernando Ortiz, Lourdes Ortiz and Ramon J Sender among other authors.

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