Staff in Music

The staff of the Music Department is comprised of internationally recognised scholars, composers, and performers. 

Academic staff

Dr Eliot Bates

Lecturer in Ethnomusicology and Popular Music Studies

I specialize in the ethnography of digital audio production, and have done extensive field research in recordings studios in Turkey (since 2004) and California (since 1999). Besides my research interests I am also a performer and recording artist of the Anatolian oud (`ud).

Dr Amy Brosius

Lecturer in Music and Director of Performance

I specialize in seventeenth-century Italian singers, singing culture, vocal music and early modern gender construction. My approach to research is interdisciplinary, employing methodologies from art history, critical theory, gender studies, and performance studies.

Dr Jonathan Clinch

Dr Jonathan Clinch

Teaching Fellow in Music

I am performer and musicologist specialising in English music. I completed my undergraduate studies as organ scholar of Keble College, Oxford, and subsequently worked as Assistant Organist of Perth Cathedral, Western Australia. I was awarded an MA (with distinction) in performance (under the supervision of Dame Gillian Weir) at Durham University and then pursued doctoral research on the music of ...

Dr Ben Earle

Lecturer in Music

I specialise in twentieth-century repertory, analysis, critical theory and aesthetics.

Dr Luis-Manuel Garcia

Dr Luis-Manuel Garcia

Lecturer in Ethnomusicology and Popular Music Studies

I research electronic dance music scenes (e.g., house, techno, etc.), with a special focus on issues of affect, sexuality, tourism, and the creative industries. My ethnographic fieldwork focuses primarily on Berlin, Germany.

Professor Michael Zev Gordon

Professor Michael Zev Gordon

Professor of Composition

I am a composer, principally of instrumental and vocal music. I have written for a wide variety of forces and genres, from orchestral work and chamber opera to solo work and song.

Simon Halsey

Simon Halsey

Professor and Director of Choral Activities

I am a conductor and educator in choral music and particularly proud to try to bring together all the singers of Birmingham, one of the great international centres of choral endeavour.

Professor Andrew Kirkman

Peyton and Barber Professor of Music

I work on sacred music of the fifteenth century music, which I also direct with my professional vocal ensemble, The Binchois Consort. I teach on a wide range of topics from medieval to popular music and have also had a busy career as a freelance professional violinist.

Dr Daria D. Kwiatkowska

Teaching Fellow

I am a composer of instrumental and vocal music, interested in timbre and the use of unusual instruments. I teach composition, tonal theory and 18th century counterpoint.

Dr Annie Mahtani

Dr Annie Mahtani

Lecturer in Electroacoustic Composition

I am a composer of electroacoustic music, specialising in acousmatic composition and multichannel audio.

Dr David A. T. Önaç

Dr David A. T. Önaç

Teaching Fellow in Music

I am a composer of instrumental and vocal music particularly interested in harmony. I am also a classical, jazz and gospel pianist, and often premiere my own compositions and those of my peers.

Dr Mary O'Neill

To work in a subject about which one is passionate is special, but to have the opportunity to design the ideal working environment, is a rare privilege indeed. This has been precisely my experience at The University of Birmingham, having sat down with the architects at the design stage of Birmingham’s stunning new Bramall Music Building, and been asked to assist in the design of what the ...

Dr Matthew Riley

Dr Matthew Riley

Reader in Music

My scholarly interests lie in the analysis and criticism of Western art music from the eighteenth to the twentieth century. I aim to preserve and enhance literacy in the traditions of classical music so that people can make sense of this extraordinary heritage. Through music analysis and cultural history I try to understand the techniques and strategies of the leading composers of the tradition ...

Dr Paul Rodmell

Dr Paul Rodmell

Senior Lecturer
Head of Department of Music

I am a musicologist who focuses primarily on music in the British Isles in the later nineteenth century (from about 1850 to 1918), with particular interests in opera and church music.

Mr Daniele Rosina

Director of Orchestral Studies

I am a conductor working with orchestras, ballet and opera companies in repertoire from the baroque through to the present day. As an educator I teach at this University and Birmingham Conservatoire.

Dr Arman Schwartz

Dr Arman Schwartz

Birmingham Fellow

I am a musicologist specializing in European and American art music, especially opera, from the mid-19th century through the present. My major critical interests include the theory of modernism, Italian cultural studies, and the history and philosophy of listening and sound.

Dr Scott Wilson

Dr Scott Wilson

Reader in Music
Director of BEAST and of the Electroacoustic Studios

I am a Reader in the Music Department, where I teach composition and work with Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre (BEAST).

Emeritus and Honorary Academic Staff

Professor Jonty Harrison

Emeritus Professor of Composition and Electroacoustic Music

I am a composer, primarily of multichannel acousmatic electroacoustic music, with a particular interest in the use of real-world sounds.

Emeritus Professor Vic Hoyland

Professor in Composition

Late modernist composer of symphonic works, music theatre and new music ensemble works for BCMG, Endymion, Lontano, Arditti Quartet.

Professor Colin Timms

Emeritus Professor of Music

I am a musicologist specialising in Italian secular vocal music (opera and chamber cantata) of the late Baroque period,and in Handel, but I also teach and conduct a wide range of western classical music from other periods.

Professor John Whenham

Emeritus Professor of Music History

I am a specialist in Italian music of the late 16th and early 17th centuries and, in particular, on the music of Claudio Monteverdi. From 2001 to 2011, as Head of Department, I successfully argued for new facilities for University music, drew up an architects’ brief for a new building and led the departmental team during the processes of developing the plans, fundraising, and constructing ...

Support staff

Concerts and Music-making team:

Practical teachers

Instrumental and vocal tuition is provided normally by staff of the Birmingham Conservatoire or, in the case of early music, by visiting teachers brought in via CEMPR.

Honorary Professors and Research Fellows

  • Graham Vick - Honorary Professor. Opera producer, artistic director of Birmingham Opera.
  • Koen Kessels Honorary Professor. Music Director, Birmingham Royal Ballet and Artistic Director of the HERMESensemble.
  • Lewis Foreman - Honorary Senior Research Fellow. Musicologist.
  • John Joubert - Honorary Senior Research Fellow. Composer.
  • Erik Oña - Honorary Senior Research Fellow. Composer and conductor; guest composer at IRCAM (Paris) and ZKM (Germany).
  • Andrew Parrott - Honorary Senior Research Fellow. Conductor and musicologist.
  • Jim Berrow - Honorary Research Fellow. Musicologist.
  • Jeffrey Skidmore - Honorary Research Fellow. Conductor and artistic director of Ex Cathedra, a professional chamber choir and orchestra specialising in Renaissance and Baroque music.
  • Paul Spicer - Honorary Research Fellow. Conductor and musicologist.
  • Paula Chateauneuf - AHRC Funded Research Fellow. Lutenist, theorbist, baroque guitarist.
  • Monika Hennemann - Honorary Research Fellow and Visiting Lecturer.  Musicologist. 
  • Tessa Murray - Honorary Research Fellow. Musicologist specialising in Thomas Morley