Programme structure

A Liberal Arts & Sciences degree offers you the flexibility to choose your Major as you progress through your studies. This will normally develop out of the modules you choose in your first year. With your personal tutor you will discuss your progress and ensure that you choose those modules best suited to your own interests and ambitions.


From Year 1 to your final year, you will develop an expertise in one subject area, equivalent to one half of a Joint Honours degree. This means, for example, that you could qualify to study for a Masters in that subject.


Unlike most other undergraduates, you will also gain a breadth of knowledge in subjects from the natural sciences to art and literature, social sciences to law (subject to timetabling).

We recognise that employers are looking for well-rounded, knowledgeable and multi-skilled individuals, able to gather and analyse diverse materials and information, present findings effectively and persuasively, complete tasks professionally in teams and through independent study, take on leadership roles, and demonstrate adaptability to a range of circumstances and conditions. This programme is designed to give you those skills.

An academic year at Birmingham consists of 120 credits of study.

The programme consists of four years of study, with a year abroad in your third year at one of our international partner institutions. 

Hannah (Year 2)

Hannah - year 2 student
Having studied a variety of subjects at A level, I found that the Liberal Arts and Sciences program enabled me to continue to engage in other areas of study whilst focusing on my major; namely, History. My other subjects, International Relations and Anthropology, entertain me and give variety to my week, and they also inform the work I do in my major. There are so many possible combinations of related degrees that whatever your field of interest there are other programs that interlink in a way that deepens understanding of each one. Not only do I enjoy the structure of the course but I also appreciate the other opportunities offered by it, including the chance to have a mentor from outside the University, a year abroad, support with internships and an enriching extra curricular cultural program. This course is perfect for those with a wide field of interest and a love of learning that goes beyond the classroom."