Programme structure

An important aspect of the Liberal Arts and Sciences degree is the flexibility to choose your major as you progress through your studies. Normally, this will develop out of the modules you have chosen in years one and two of the programme, but you may be able to keep your options open until the start of your final year. 

Our advisors will help you to choose modules which interest and challenge you and over the first two years guide you in your choices of modules to reflect the subjects in which you may choose to major, as well as a portfolio of other modules which reflect and broaden your wider interests.

An academic year at Birmingham consists of 120 credits of study, typically composed of 6 x 20 credit modules (although there are some 10 credits modules which can be combined to give 20 credits). 

The programme consists of four years of study, with a year abroad in your third year at one of our international partner institutions. You can find out more about each of the years of study below.

Puneet Tahim, Graduate Recruitment Officer, DLA Piper UK LLP "We recruit our young lawyers from a wide range of backgrounds and we are looking for graduates who can demonstrate both breadth and enthusiasm for their chosen subject major and who can work with our clients in an environment where innovation, excellence and going the extra mile is the norm. We have continued to support the University of Birmingham as it gives us the opportunity to meet some exceptional students. The committed, bright and enthusiastic students we meet help us to build a healthy talent pipeline into our city and regional offices"