Professor Chris Parker

Professor Chris Parker

School of Mathematics
Professor of Pure Mathematics

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School of Mathematics
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University of Birmingham
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  • BSc (Birmingham)
  • MSc (Manchester)
  • PhD (Mathematics, Manchester 1988)

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My main research interests are in group theory.

Recently my research has been focussed on theorems designed to recognise simple groups from some fragment of their p-local subgroup structure. These theorems are intended to be used in the projects aimed at understanding the classification of the finite simple group. For example together with Stroth(Halle) and Rowley(Manchester), I have shown that many of the finite simple group can be identified from the structure of the centralizer of an element of order $3$.

I am also interested in research which applies the classification of finite simple group. In work with Kay Magaard (Birmingham) and Ben Fairbairn (Birkbeck) I have determined those quasisimple groups which can be used to construct a Beauville surface. I have also studied the commuting graph of a finite group and with my student Luke Morgan have shown that the diameter of a connected component of such a graph has diameter at most 10.


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