Professor Ian Jones

Professor Ian Jones

School of Metallurgy and Materials
Professor of Physical Metallurgy

Contact details

(+44) (0) 121 414 5184
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School of Metallurgy and Materials
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Ian Jones is Professor of Physical Metallurgy. He has co-authored ~200 papers and written two textbooks. He is an electron microscopist and directs the University's Centre for Electron Microscopy. His major research grants are from EPSRC, HEFCE and AWM. 


PhD in High Energy Electron Diffraction, Birmingham, 1972
MA , Cambridge, 1971


Ian Jones came to Birmingham in 1969. Birmingham was one of three universities to be awarded a high voltage (1 MeV) electron microscope and Ian was one of the first students at Birmingham whose PhD research involved using the microscope. Electron microscopy has remained Ian's principal research interest through the whole of his professional life, which has been conducted at Birmingham, with regular spells as a visitor in the USA, Japan and China.



  • Properties of materials (EPS Foundation Year)
  • Fundamentals of materials (1st year, M&M)


  • Reactor materials (Physics PTNR Master's)
  • Advanced electron microscopy (MRes, EngD)

Postgraduate supervision

Second supervisor of

  • Mr K Oluwasegun: Liquation in RR1000inertia welds
  • Miss XX Zhao: Manufacture of copper nanowires
  • Mr RL Zeng: Aging of a magnesium alloy
  • Miss Y Lu: Biocompatibility of magnesium alloys



  • Electron microscopy
  • Chemical microanalysis
  • Plastic defortmation
  • Tomography


  • Plastic deformation of Ti-6-4


B. Paik, I.P. Jones, A. Walton, V. Mann, D. Book and I.R. Harris (2010) MgH2 -> Mg phase transformation driven by A high energy electron beam: an in-situ transmission electron microscopy study. Phil. Mag. Letters, 90: 1-7

B. Paik, I.P. Jones, A. Walton, V. Mann, D. Book and I.R. Harris (2010) Evolution of microstructure in MgH2 powder particles during high energy ball milling and hydrogen cycling. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 492: 515-520

R. Ding and I. P. Jones (2010) Influence of carbides on the strength and toughness of a niobium alloy. Materials Science and Technology, 26: 323-332 

D.G. Leo Prakash, R. Ding, R.J. Moat, I. Jones, P.J. Withers, J. Quinta da Fonseca and M. Preuss (2010) Deformation twinning in Ti-6Al-4V during low strain rate deformation to moderate strains at room temperature. Materials Science and Engineering A 

J.C.F.Millett, N.K. Bourne, M.Q. Chu, I.P. Jones, G.T. Gray III and G. Appleby-Thomas (2010) The role of aging on the mechanical and microstructural response of Aluminium 6061 to one-dimensional loading. J. Applied Physics 108: 073502-1-9


I.P. Jones (1992) Chemical Microanalysis Using Electron Beams. London: The Institute of Materials (London) 

I.P. Jones. (2000) Materials Science for Electrical and Electronic Engineers. Oxford: Oxford University Pres