Postgraduate research

  Our current research students are pursuing the following projects:

  • Patrick Allen: Philosophy of anxiety and its disorders: a reconceptualization
    (supervised by Lisa Bortolotti)
  • Nader Alsamaani: Philosophy of religion
    (supervised by Yujin Nagasawa).
  • Ben Bessey: A basis for capability theory: humanity, well-being, virtue, objectivity
    (supervised by Heather Widdows and Iain Law).
  • Toby Betenson: The problem of evil and ethics
    (supervised by Yujin Nagasawa).
  • Robert Conway: Philosophy of religion
    (supervised by David Cheetham)
  • Benjamin Costello: Agency, responsibility and mental health
    (supervised by Lisa Bortolotti and Iain Law)
  • James Dew: Christian materialism
    (supervised by Yujin Nagasawa).
  • Eric Eck: Atheological considerations and a theistic multiverse
    (supervised by Yujin Nagasawa).
  • Gabriel Garmendia da Trindade: Animal ethics and violent direct action
    (supervised by Heather Widdows and Jeremy Williams)
  • Michael Grech: Philosophy of time, McTaggart, and later-Wittgenstein
    (supervised by Nikk Effingham).
  • Rachel Gunn: Beyond belief: what's wrong with being delusional?
    (supervised by Lisa Bortolotti and Michael Larkin)
  • Leland Harper: Deism and contemporary arguments for atheism
    (supervised by Yujin Nagasawa).
  • Luke Henderson: Heaven and free will
    (supervised by Yujin Nagasawa).
  • David Hunt: Moral relativism and moral error theory
    (supervised by Jussi Suikkanen)
  • Sabrina Intelisano: Imprisonment and happiness
    (supervised by Jussi Suikkanen and Iain Law).
  • Sarah-Louise Johnson: Commodification of bodies and persons
    (supervised by Heather Widdows).
  • Herjeet Marway: Female suicide bombers and agency
    (supervised by Heather Widdows).
  • Jennifer Morgan: Causation
    (supervised by Nikk Effingham and Alastair Wilson).
  • Isaura Peddis: The importance of empathy
    (supervised by Lisa Bortolotti and Iain Law)
  • Naomi Thompson: Foundationalism
    (supervised by Nikk Effingham and Alastair Wilson).
  • Lauren Traczykowski: Cosmopolitanism and natural disasters
    (supervised by Jussi Suikkanen).
  • Khai Wager: Panpsychism
    (supervised by Yujin Nagasawa).
  • Peter West-Oram: Global health care injustice: the demands of the basic right to health care
    (supervised by Heather Widdows).
  • Andrew Woodhall: Redressing the balance: the importance of animal value to 'animal ethics'
    (supervised by Heather Widdows and Lisa Bortolotti).
  • Andrew Wright: Pain
    (supervised by Lisa Bortolotti and Darragh Byrne).
  • Ibrahim Yuksel: Ancient philosophy, virtue theory, and multiculturalism
    (supervised by Heather Widdows).  
  • Callum Yeo: Space and time
    (supervised by Al Wilson and Nikk Effingham)
  • Ruth Wareham: Faith schools and the liberal society: can faith schools be justified from a liberal position?
    (supervised by Iain Law and Michael Hand)