Leland Harper

Leland Harper

Department of Philosophy
Doctoral researcher

Contact details

ERI Building
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

  • PhD title: Deism and contemporary arguments for atheism
  • Supervisor: Yujin Nagasawa


My current research focuses on taking a fresh look at deism and whether or not a particular brand of deism may be better suited to stand up to contemporary arguments for atheism than classical theism can.  I evaluate how a generic deistic account deals with contemporary arguments against God's existence in comparison to how a classical theistic account deals with these same arguments, finding that while deism may have a slight advantage over classical theism when it comes to answering to atheistic arguments, there are still many questions that remain to be answered.  I will ultimately go on to detail my own version of deism that, if all goes well, answers a large number of these questions and stands up to many of the contemporary arguments for atheism better than any classical theistic account can.

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