Lauren Traczykowski

Lauren Traczykowski

Department of Philosophy
Doctoral researcher

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ERI Building
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

  • PhD title: Ethics of intervention in natural disaster scenarios
  • Supervisor: Jussi Suikkanen


My PhD focuses on the idea that individuals affected by natural disaster are no less deserving of assistance from their national governments and the international community than those affected by war and humanitarian emergencies. Taking individuals as the point around which and for whom policy should be made, my research considers if a change in theoretical underpinnings of emergency management policy is necessary, if it will help individuals affected by natural disaster and if yes, what this change will look like when applied to policy.

I argue that the link between the local and the global is crucial to creating effective policy for it is in those situations where the local does not know and where the State does not ask for assistance that there must be a mechanism for connecting global capacity with local response. I also consider how the international community can support individual victims of natural disaster when a national government is unable/unwilling to respond. In these situations, where it is not possible to obtain consent, a cosmopolitan approach to emergency management will suggest how to fill gaps in practical mechanisms and international law. Through analysis of recent natural disaster case studies I suggest that improved policy is indeed possible through a cosmopolitan approach.

I was introduced to cosmopolitanism as a theoretical perspective during my MA in the Politics and International Studies Department here at the University of Birmingham. This theoretical grounding seemed to mesh with my practical experience in emergency management. Global Ethics was then a fit for the cross-disciplinarity of my PhD research and allows me to analyse both practical and theoretical possibilities for a cosmopolitan approach to natural disaster response.

I can be contacted via email or my webpage.