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Welcome to the School of Social Policy, where our mission is ‘to understand the world – but also to change it’. This means carrying out high quality and relevant research, but then using this as a starting point for making a practical difference in the real world through our teaching, our professional training, our policy advice and our work with local communities, the public and the media. 



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Posted 21 June 2016

Making change happen for mental health

Mental health continues to be in the headlines. To support the agenda for better mental health, HSMC in partnership with the Centre for Mental Health and NHS Benchmarking have been running a series of masterclasses for mental health commissioners and their partners.

Posted 21 June 2016

The NHS and Brexit

Written by by Professor Mark Exworthy, Health Services Management Centre. "The scale of re-couped EU membership costs is relatively marginal in the overall NHS finances."

Posted 20 June 2016

Integration and the European refugee 'crisis'

IRiS's Jenny Phillimore asks the question in her latest Blog 'Where is integration in the refugee crisis?', which was published recently for Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs.

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