All the research facilities are located in our numerous laboratories. Many of the labs are used by more than one of our Research Groups and are used by our postgraduate students and by our undergraduate students for their 3rd year project work. 

Human Performance Lab - School of Sport and Exercise Sciences

Our laboratories

  • Analytical Laboratory
  • Body Composition Lab
  • Cardiovascular Dynamic Laboratory
  • Cardiovascular Static Laboratory
  • Derivitization Laboratory
  • Environmental Chamber
  • Exercise teaching labs
  • Focus Group Room
  • Histology Laboratory
  • HPLC Lab
  • Human Balance Laboratory
  • Human Performance Lab (take a 360° tour)
  • Human Neurophysiology Laboratory
  • Kinesiology Laboratory (take a 360° tour)
  • Lifestyle Physical Activity
  • Luminex lab
  • Mass Spectometry Laboratory
  • Microscope Room
  • Movement Analysis Laboratory
  • Neuroplasticity Laboratory
  • Perception-action Laboratory
  • Posture Control Laboratory
  • Psychophysiology
  • Respiratory Function Laboratory
  • Sarcopenia Laboratory
  • Sleep Laboratory
  • Strength Training Laboratory
  • Ultrasound Imaging Laboratory
  • Vascular Function Laboratory
  • Video Analysis Laboratory
  • Visuomotor Laboratory