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BSc Applied Golf Management
  Studies (AGMS)

"It had everything I could have wanted in a degree and at the same time, it applied to the sport I love so this is perfect."
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Jasmine, BSc Sport and  Exercise

"The fact that it's a campus university really appealed to me, that everything's in one place and you get that university atmosphere."
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Aimee, BSc Sport, Physical  Education & Coaching Science  (SPECS)

"The stuff you learn in the lectures you can apply in the practicals which really gives you a better understanding of the topics."
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Matthew Daviews - AGMS alumnusMatthew, BSc AGMS

"Putting it boldly, I wouldn’t have got the job I have now if I hadn’t completed the AGMS course.."

Hannah, BSc Sport and  Exercise

"The labs and the equipment that they have are very good and I know it's one of the top universities to study this course."
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Gemma, BSc SPECS

"The transferability of the course,  especially to my job, role is immense.."

Jessica, BSc AGMS

"It provided me with a platform to spring into the golf industry and I wouldn't be doing the job I am doing now without the AGMS degree."

Gareth, BSc Sport and  Exercise

"...one the reasons that I chose Birmingham was because it had a higher level of teaching expertise and was renowned for doing so."
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"I expected a quality university and I got a quality university and degree."

Chris, BSc AGMS

"Studying these areas in higher education allowed me to have a head start entering the world of golf."

Andrew, BSc Sport and  Exercise

"The reason I feel comfortable to manage people is because of the skills that I’ve learnt throughout my time at the University."
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"I found that both courses I studied gave me a good understanding of the sporting world and helped me to develop ideas of where and what I might like as a job."

Howie, BSc AGMS

"I believe this course enabled me to make a thoroughly informed decision about the career pathway I wanted to take. "

Non Stanford, BSc Sport and  Exercise Sciences

"I can honestly say that the University of Birmingham, along with the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences, shaped my future and made me the person I am today."

Timothy, BSc Sport and  Exercise Sciences

"Studying here exposed me to how the world's leading scientists conduct their research and taught me the high standards necessary to succeed in this field."

Maddy, BSc Sport and  Exercise Sciences

"I would 100% recommend going to study at Birmingham!
I had the best 3 years of my life."

Sam, BSc Sport and  Exercise Sciences

"Going to university opened doors for me that otherwise would not have been available."

Sarah Lee, BSc Sport and  Exercise Sciences

"The BSc program taught me to think critically, to value evidence-based action, and also helped me grasp the statistics that I use every day in my role now."

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Sport and Exercise Sciences



Applied Golf Management Studies

Lucy Mellor-Bates - AGMS studentLucy - My AGMS Placement

"I didn’t want to be sat behind a desk for my first year, I wanted some real life experience!"
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Alex Higgs AGMS studentAlex - My AGMS Placement

"It was an unbelievable experience which I am never likely to experience again."
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BSc Applied Golf Management
  Studies (AGMS)

"It had everything I could have wanted in a degree and at the same time, it applied to the sport I love so this is perfect."
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