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Professor Vincent Gaffney is Chair in Landscape Archaeology and Geomatics and Director of the Visual and Spatial Technology Centre (VISTA). 


  • BA Archaeology (Reading)
  • PhD Aspects of the Archaeology of Hvar (Reading)


Professor Gaffney received his undergraduate and research degrees from the University of Reading and began his career as Co-Director of the Maddle Farm Project – a landscape survey of the Berkshire Downs. Following a period in museums he undertook research in Croatia and Slovenia and pioneered the application of geographical information systems (GIS) in archaeology. His work on the Adriatic Islands provided the first substantial use of GIS in Europe and this was followed by the Wroxeter Hinterland Project, which received the prestigious Queens Award for Higher Education for its use of novel technology.

More recently his work has included the major GIS and VR digital study of the Stonehenge Landscape, and the world’s largest marine survey project 'Palaeolandscapes of the Southern North Sea'. In 2001 Professor Gaffney was appointed Director of the University’s multidisciplinary Visual and Spatial Technology Centre (VISTA). 


  • Archaeological landscapes
  • British and European Prehistory
  • Archaeological computing
  • Practical archaeology

Postgraduate supervision

  • Any aspect of landscape archaeology in Britain and much of Europe
  • Computer applications in archaeology and particularly the use of Geographic Information Systems


Following postgraduate studies at reading Professor Gaffney has gained an international profile in archaeological and heritage research. His current research projects include mapping the inundated landscapes of the Southern North Sea, agent-based modelling of the battle of Manzikert (1071) in Anatolia and the “Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes” Project - where he leads the UK team creating 3D and virtual imaging of the largely unmapped world heritage landscape. Other recent fieldwork has included a major project investigating Roman Wroxeter, survey of Diocletian’s mausoleum in Split, the wetland landscape of the river Cetina (Croatia), fieldwork in Italy centred on the Roman town at Forum Novum, historic landscape characterisation at Fort Hood (Texas) and internet mapping of the Mundo Maya region.

Professor Gaffney has received national and international awards for his work including the Queen's Anniversary Prize for Higher Education. His work on inundated marine landscapes received the 2007 award for Heritage Presentation at the British Association for the Advancement of Science. His book “Europe’s Lost World” was awarded the “Best Publication” prize at the British Archaeological Awards in 2010.




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Edited books

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Papers In Refereed Journals

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Other papers in journals

  • Gaffney V., H. Patterson, P. Roberts And S. Piro 2003. Forum Novum-Vescovio: from Roman town to bishop’s seat. Lazio e Sabina.

Contributions to edited works

  • Gaffney V. 2008. In the Kingdom of the Blind: Visualisation and E-Science in Archaeology, the Arts and Humanities M. Greeengrass and L. Hughes (Eds). The Virtual Representation of the Past. 125-135 Ashgate
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Other conference papers published

  • Fitch, S., Gaffney V., Gearey B. and Ramsey E.. 2011. Between the Lines – enhancing methodologies for the exploration of extensive, inundated palaeolandscapes. EAC occasional Paper No. 5, 173-205
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