Professor Simon Collinson

Professor Simon Collinson

The Department of Strategy and International Business
Dean of Birmingham Business School
Professor of International Business and Innovation

Contact details

0121 414 6706
Contact: Sandra McCalla
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT


  • University of Leeds; B.A. Joint Hons. - Geography/Economics/ Sociology.
  • University of Florida; M.A. - Economic Geography.
  • University of Sussex, Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU); D.Phil. – thesis: “Technology transfer and indigenous capability development in Kenya”


After completing his D.Phil. at SPRU (Sussex), Simon Collinson joined the University of Edinburgh as a Senior Research Fellow and Assistant Director of the Japanese-European Technology Studies (JETS) institute in 1991. During this period he was a Visiting Research Fellow at the National Institute of Science and Technology Policy (NISTEP) in Tokyo (in 1997), on a joint grant from the UK Royal Society and the Japanese Science and Technology Agency. Seven years later he joined Edinburgh University Management School, as a Senior Lecturer teaching International Business.

In 2000 Simon joined Warwick Business School (WBS) and became Academic Director of the full-time MBA progamme and subsequently Associate Dean (MBAs). In 2004 he was a Visiting Professor at the Kelley School of Business at the University of Indiana, working with Alan Rugman, and a visiting Senior Research Fellow at the AGSM (NSW and Sydney). In 2005 he was awarded the Lead Ghoshal Fellowship at AIM (the Advanced Institute of Management), jointly funded by the ESRC and the EPSRC. This supported a large-scale survey of western multinational firms in China, focused on innovation capability development in IJVs and collaborative projects. He was a member of the Board of Directors for AIM until the end of the AIM programme in December 2011. During this period he was also Head of the Marketing and Strategy group at WBS, before moving into the role of Deputy Dean.

In 2011 Simon was appointed Guangbiao Guest Professor of Zhejiang University and became a member of the Council of the ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council). He also joined the Council of the British Academy of Management (BAM). In October 2011 Simon was appointed to a Chair in International Business and Innovation at Henley Business School, University of Reading and joined Birmingham Business School as Dean in October 2012.


Simon has taught International Business, Strategy and Innovation at the Undergraduate, MSc and MBA levels since the late-1990s. He was awarded the ‘Outstanding MBA Teacher’ Award (6 times between 2003 and 2010) from WBS.

He co-authors the FT / Pearson IB textbook ‘International Business’ with Professor Alan Rugman (currently on the 6thEdition; published Sept. 2012)

He has supervised over 200 MBA and MSc dissertations as well as five PhD students to completion.

Executive Education:

Simon teaches and consults in the areas of international business, strategy, innovation and organisational change.

Major clients include:

  • Guangfa Bank of China (Judge Business School, Cambridge University)
  • Aviation Industry Consortium (AVIC), China and ING (Henley Business School, Reading University)
  • GKN, HSBC, IBM, Lloyds Register, Philips (WBS)
  • He was Director of the Pru-U; the Prudential’s main executive education programme for EMEA (2002-06)

External examiner roles:

  • Tanaka School of Business, Imperial College, London (2005-09)
  • SPRU, University of Sussex (2006-09)
  • University of Edinburgh Business School (2008-10) How to avoid a tangled web The Sunday Times features (13-3-2011)


Main areas of interest: Global innovation strategies, R&D and knowledge management in multinational firms; comparative organisation studies and the international competitiveness of UK firms; national systems of innovation and emerging economies; high-technology entrepreneurship, small firm networks and regional development. Japan and China: local business practices and cross-cultural management, foreign direct investment and economic change.

After focusing on Japan in the 1990s Simon developed an interest in how Chinese firms evolve innovation-related capabilities in collaboration with Western firms. He has studied China-related trade and foreign direct investment (FDI), including market-entry strategies for China and the internationalisation of Chinese firms. He continues to present and publish on these topics.

He was awarded the IAMOT Research Award in 2003 as one of the ‘active and prolific researchers in the Technology Innovation Management field’ from the International Association for the Management of Technology.

In 2010 he became a Founder, Board member and Research Director for the Simplicity Partnership, a new London-based consultancy. Research into the challenges of international expansion by multinational firms led to an interest in the relationship between organisation complexity and firm performance. This research underpins the diagnostic tools and solutions offered by the Simplicity Partnership.

ESRC Council

In 2011 Simon Collinson joined the ESRC Council, which oversees the Government’s major investments in social science research across the UK. A particular interest in this role is to help in the development of productive engagement between social scientists and UK businesses.

Major research projects

(1) The Global Simplicity Index (GSI) funded by the Simplicity Partnership, London.

(2) Associate Fellow, Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy (CAGE), Department of Economics, University of Warwick, (over £6 million ESRC funding over 5 years).

(3) Lead Ghoshal Fellow in the Advanced Institute of Management (AIM) research, co-funded by the ESRC and the EPSRC. Three parallel projects (2005-08) (total funding over £210,000).

(4) 'Small and Medium Enterprises in Europe and East Asia: Competition, Collaboration and Policy Lessons' (funded by CEC DGXII TSER) (1997-99). Managing a consortium of 8 organisations (£120,000 funding).

(5) 'The Innovative Management of Innovation: British and Japanese firms compared’ (funded by the ESRC Innovation Programme) (1995-98) (£104,000). Plus a Royal Society - Japanese Government Fellowship hosted by NISTEP, in Tokyo (£20,000).

(6) Forecasting the application of multimedia and its environment to 2010 and beyond (funded by DGXII, the European Commission) (1995-96) (£40,000).

(7) Comparison of product development in multimedia technologies by Sony and Philips (funded by the ESRC) (1994-95) (£38,000).

(8) Survey of British SMEs in Japan funded by the Industrial Competitiveness Unit, Department of Trade and Industry, UK Government and the GB Sasakawa Foundation (1993-94) (£25,000).

Selected Presentations (2010 to present)

Sept. 2012: Cambridge International Symposium 2012; keynote presentation on ‘Recombination for Innovation: how evolving complementarities between established and emerging multinational are shaping global value chains’ (Cambridge)

Sept. 2012: British Academy of Management (BAM) presentation to the Doctoral programme track on academic careers in business and management (Cardiff)

Aug. 2012: Academy of Management (AoM) all-academy panel presentation on ‘Dual Innovation Systems in China’ with Jonathan Doe, Pankaj Ghemawat, Arie Lewin and Silvia Massini (Boston)

Jul. 2012: Royal Academy of Engineering. Invited presentation on ‘Global Value Chains and Emerging Economies’ (London)

Jul. 2012: Academy of International Business (AIB) Conference. Presenter and Panel Chair (Washington)

Mar. 2012: UK Academy of International Business Conference (Liverpool)

Nov. 2011: House of Commons, lead speaker at a Policy Briefing organised by the Industry and Parliament Trust (IPT) on China-UK Trade and FDI, with Adrian Bailey, MP, Chair of the Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) Select Committee (London).

Nov. 2011: Manchester Business School seminar presentation (Manchester)

Sep. 2011: GMC11, Zhejiang University, Opening Day Keynote presentation: ‘Filling Gaps? Patterns of Outward FDI by Chinese Firms’ (Hangzhou)

Jun. 2011: Academy of International Business (AIB) Conference (Nagoya)

Apr. 2011: School of Management, Zhejiang University, inaugural Chair presentation on ‘The Multiple Dimensions of Innovation Studies; Connecting East and West’ (Hangzhou)

Apr. 2011; National Institute for Innovation Management (NIIM), Zhejiang University; invited presentation on innovation research challenges following award of the Guangbiao Chair Professorship, Zhejiang University (Hangzhou)

Mar. 2011: Judge Business School, Cambridge University, invited Discussant at conference on: ‘Re-Assessing Emerging Market Multinationals’ Evolving Competitive Advantage’ (Cambridge)

Mar. 2011: CIBUL, Leeds University, invited seminar on ‘Strategic Alliances as Sources of New Routines’ (Leeds)

Dec. 2010: Lancaster University Management School seminar (Lancaster)

Nov. 2010; House of Commons presentation at a Policy Briefing organised by the Industry and Parliament Trust (IPT) on the 'Future of Government Support for British Industry', with Adrian Bailey, MP, Chair of the BIS Select Committee.

Oct. 2010: John H Dunning Center for International Business, Henley Business School, Reading University, invited speaker at a workshop to mark the opening of the John H Dunning Library

Jun. 2010: International Association of Chinese Management Research (IACMR) Conference (Shanghai)

Jun. 2010: Academy of International Business (AIB) Conference (Rio).

Selected Press (2010 to present)

2012: ‘How to waste your working day’ in Management Today (28-9-2012)

2012: ‘Are Modern Banks Too Big To Fail, But Too Complex To Manage?’ (3-9-12)

2012: ‘Instilling a culture of simplicity in the public sector is vital’ The Times features (17-2-12)

2011: ‘$1.2 billion each: The hidden cost of people complexity to the top 200’ Lead article in HR Magazine (6-9-2011)

2011: ‘Avoid getting a complex’ (May, 2001)

2011: ‘How to avoid a tangled web’ The Sunday Times features (13-3-2011)

2010: ‘An eye on the prize; China, driven by a desire for prestige and its own Nobel laureates, could soon lead the world in scientific research’. New Statesman (16-8-10)

2010: ‘History and culture of Chinese manufacturing China: Britain and the Nunzilla Conundrum’ BBC Radio 4 (19-03-10)

2010: ‘Japan Scrambles for a fresh start’, Global Finance, (Feb 2010)

Other activities

Editorial roles

  • Editorial Board member, Multinational Business Review
  • Editorial Review Board member, Global Strategy Journal.
  • Editorial Board member, European Journal of International Management.


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