Professor Robert Elliott

Professor Robert Elliott

The Department of Economics
Director of Admissions and Recruitment

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+44 (0) 121 414 7700
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The Department of Economics
JG Smith Building
University of Birmingham
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Professor Robert Elliott is an applied economist who works at the intersection of international economics, development economics, environmental and energy economics and international business. He has a particular interest in the Chinese economy, firm behaviour, natural disasters and the impact of globalisation on the environment.

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I joined the Department in September 2003. I obtained a BA (Economics) and MA (Economics) at the Universities of Leicester and Essex and studied for my PhD with Professor David Greenaway, Dr Peter Wright and Robert Hine at the University of Nottingham.


  • Director of Admissions and Recruitment
  • Head of the trade, environmental, development and energy (TEDE) research group

Postgraduate supervision

Professor Elliott is available to supervise PhD students across a broad range of topics including international and development economics and environmental and energy economics. Interdisciplinary topics are encouraged and students will need to be familar with the manipulation of large data sets and econometric techniques and methods.


Trade, environment, development and energy (TEDE) group

My main research covers empirical international trade, environmental, development and labour economics under the broad umbrella of the economics of globalisation. Specific topics include: 

  • China and the world economy
  • Trade patterns, multinationals and foreign direct investmentEconomics of natural disastersEnergy economics in developing countriesThe impact of pollution on economic activity
  • Trade, the environment and industrial restructuringFirm heterogeneityGreen employment
  • Geographical specialisation and the economics of agglomeration
  • Conceptual, methodological and empirical analysis of intra-industry trade
  • International trade structure and labour market adjustment

I am currently involved in a related, Leverhulme Trustresearch projects in the general area of "Globalisation and theEnvironment" with Matthew Cole at the University of Birmingham. 

For a regular commentary on economic aspects of “Globalisation and the Environment” please click here.

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ERSC “China – UK energy issues”. Approximately £1 million. Joint with TEDE group members.

Other activities


Discussion papers

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Elliott, R.J.R. and Lindley, J. Green Jobs and Growth in the United States: Green Shoots or Dead Roots? Submitted.


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