Dr Patricia Odber de Baubeta MA, PhD (Glasgow)


Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies and Director of the Cátedra Gil Vicente

Department of Modern Languages: Hispanic Studies

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Ashley Building
University of Birmingham
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Dr. Patricia Odber de Baubeta is Director of Portuguese Studies and Director of the Cátedra Gil Vicente in the Hispanic Studies section of the Department of Modern Languages.


1978 M.A. First Class Honours in Hispanic Studies, with distinctions in spoken Spanish and Portuguese. Department of Hispanic Studies, University of Glasgow, Scotland.

1991 Ph.D., Church Discipline and Social Satire in Medieval Portugal. Department of Hispanic Studies, University of Glasgow, Scotland.


Dr Odber de Baubeta was an undergraduate at the University of Glasgow, and received her doctorate from the same University, in which she also lectured for several years. She has carried out teaching, research and administration in the University of Birmingham since 1981. She began her academic career as a medievalist and over the last three decades has published books and articles on a range of subjects, including medieval Portuguese literature and ecclesiastical history, Portuguese address forms, the language of advertising, the Uruguayan short story, fairy tale motifs in contemporary Ibero-American literature, and selected Portuguese, Brazilian and Galician authors.


Dr Odber de Baubeta currently teaches the Portuguese and Spanish Languages,as well as Portuguese Literature (Year 2) and Brazilian Literature (Years 2 & 4).

She also supervises Year 4 Dissertations on aspects of language,literature and history. Past topics include: The Role of Interjections in Spanish, the Short Stories of Rosa Lobato de Faria, For whom was Jorge Amado writing in his Early Novels? Helena Parente Cunha’s Woman between Mirrors and Clarice Lispector’s Family Ties, The Anarchist Project of Rationalist Education in Argentina, The Role of the Portuguese Navy in the Peninsular Wars.

For academic year 2013-2014, the topics are:

  • Crime and Detective Fictions, -Emilia Pardo Bazan’s “La gota de sangre”
  • Violence, subversive behaviour and social critique in the short stories of Rubem Fonseca
  • Fairy Tale Motifs in Latin American Women’s Writing.
  • Translating Portuguese Children’s Literature
  • Translation and Advertising Language

Dr Odber de Baubeta has also supervised Year 4 Language Projects for students taking International Business with Spanish, Economics with Spanish and International Relations with Spanish. Topics have included:

  • La historia de la Guerra de las Islas Malvinas
  • El auge de la Empresa Multinacional Española
  • La internacionalización de la Educación Superior en América Latina
  • La Industria Vinícola en España
  • América Latina en el Sistema del Comercio Internacional
  • La Energía Eólica Marina en España
  • La Industria Oleícola Española
  • El Caso de Repsol.

Postgraduate supervision

Dr Odber de Baubeta welcomes expressions of interest in postgraduate research in the areas of Portuguese and Brazilian Literature, the Uruguayan short story, Translation Studies, Anthology Studies and Iberian Crime Fiction.

Dr. Odber de Baubeta has directed 5 MPhil & 5 MA Translation Studies dissertations (internal) and 14 PhD theses (1 external).

She has examined masters’ theses (5 MPhil & 5 MA Translations Studies internal, 10 external) and doctoral theses (5 internal, 16 external) on a range of subjects for universities in the UK, Ireland, Portugal and Australia.

As of January 2014 she is examining 1 thesis for the MPhil Cultural Enquiry degree (Birmingham) and 1 PhD thesis (Bristol).

She is currently supervising:

  • PhD: The Theory and Practice of Translating Beowulf into Brazilian Portuguese
  • PhD: From Concept to Practice: Portuguese Teaching Methodology
  • MA Res: The question of Portugalidade in the works of Mário de Carvalho.
  • MPhil: Translation, Identity and Advertising in Galicia.

Dr Odber de Baubeta is also acting as Postdoctoral Supervisor for the University of Lisbon project on "The Short Story in Contemporary British and Women’s Writing and the Construction of a New Identity: Defining and Comparing Women Nowadays".


Dr. Odber de Baubeta's current research is now focused principally on Portuguese Translation Studies and the History of Portuguese Literature, viewed from various perspectives. She is director of two Birmingham-based research projects:

  • The Sir Henry Thomas Project: The History of Portuguese Literature in English Translation;
  • The Anthology in Portugal.

She regularly gives papers at conferences in the UK, Portugal, and Spain (the most recent in Lisbon in December 2012), and has been invited to act as international expert on 4 international research projects:

  • O conto na escrita de autoras contemporâneas inglesas e portuguesas como modo de construção de uma nova identidade: definindo e comparando o feminino na contemporaneidade / The Short Story in Contemporary British and Portuguese Women’s Writing and the Construction of a New Identity: Defining and Comparing Women Nowadays, University of Lisbon;
  • Fernão Lopes – The Chronicles, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, USA, which brings together a team of scholars from Portugal, the UK and the US who are producing annotated translations of and critical essays on the medieval Portuguese chronicler Fernão Lopes, funded by the Portuguese Book Institute and to be published by Boydell and Brewer;
  • TETRA: A Tradução de Teatro e o Palco: para uma história da tradução teatral em Portugal, 1800 – 2009 / Translation, Theatre and the Portuguese Stage: Towards a History of Theatre Translation in Portugal, 1800 – 2009), a project based in the University of Lisbon and funded by the Fundação para a Tecnologia e a Educação;
  • Censura e mecanismos de controlo da informação no Teatro e no Cinema. Antes, durante e após o Estado Novo. Centro de Investigação Media e Jornalismo, Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

In November 2012, Dr Odber de Baubeta recently hosted the International Conference November. (Ex)Changes: Short Fiction in Portugal, the United Kingdom and Ireland (1980-2010), with participants from the UK and Portugal.

Other activities

Translation and Translating

  • Dr. Odber de Baubeta has published translations of Portuguese prose fiction by Alexandre Andrade, Ana Teresa Pereira, Catarina Fonseca, David Mourão-Ferreira, Diana de Almeida, Fialho de Almeida, Hélia Correia, Herberto Helder, Jacinto Lucas Pires, José Riço Direitinho, Manuel de Fonseca, Miguel Torga, Rodrigo Guedes Carvalho, Rui Zinc, Rute Beirante, Teolinda Gersão, Teresa Veiga.
  • Currently she is involved in several translation projects:
    (a) working with colleagues in the University of California, Santa Barbara, to finalise an anthology of nineteenth-century Portuguese short stories in translation;
    (b) working with a team of translators to produce an Anthology of Iberian Crime Fiction;
    (c) producing translations of selected sermons by Padre António Vieira.
  • In 2009, with Fay Weldon, she was a member of the Society of Author’s Jury to award the Gulbenkian Prize for the best translation of a novel from Portuguese into English. In 2012 she was again invited to be a member of the jury convened to award the same prize.
  • Since 2011, Dr Odber de Baubeta has been an examiner for the Institute of Linguistics Educational Trust.

Academic Quality Assurance/Peer Review

  • Dr. Odber de Baubeta has a strong commitment to academic quality assurance and enhancement. She has undergone training as a Subject Specialist Reviewer for HEFCE and the QAA.
  • Dr Odber de Baubeta has carried out evaluations of government-funded research centres in Portugal and is an International Evaluator for ANECA (Spanish Quality Assurance Agency), carrying out quality audits and sitting on the committee responsible for scrutinising all official Masters Programmes in Spanish Universities. She has also been appointed a member of the Galician Quality Assurance Agency (Consejo Asesor de la Agencia para la Calidad del Sistema Universitario de Galicia).
  • Dr. Odber de Baubeta has been an Academic Assessor for the European Union Project Alba.
  • In 2010 she was appointed a member of the AHRC Peer Review College, in the categories Humanities and International.
  • Dr Odber de Baubeta frequently reviews articles and books for prestigious academic journals and publishing houses.
  • She is the international consultant for PENPAL: Plataforma para Antologias de Literatura Traduzida em Português e Inglês Translation, a Translation / Anthology Project undertaken with colleagues in the University of Lisbon and New University of Lisbon.

External Examining

  • Dr Odber de Baubeta regularly acts as External Examiner for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degree Programmes in the UK and Ireland (most recent externalships: Edinburgh, King's College London, Cambridge, Bristol, Surrey, University College Dublin).


This is a list of the most recent publications:

  • The Anthology in Portugal edited by Patricia Odber de BaubetaThe History of Portuguese Literature in English Translation. The Medieval Galician Portuguese Lyric and the Theatre of Gil Vicente. ISBN 9781905981328. Forthcoming.
  • 2013. The Anthology in Portugal: Literature. Translation and the Margins. With Margarida Vale de Gato and Maria de Lurdes Morgado Sampaio. Oxford, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Wien: Peter Lang.
  • 2013. ‘Christmas Anthologies in Portugal’, A Scholar for All Seasons. Homenagem a João de Almeida Flor. Lisboa: Centro de Estudos Anglísticos da Universidade de Lisboa, Departamento de Estudos Anglísticos, Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa, 823-845.
  • 2013 ‘Children’s Literature in Translation: Treachery and double crossings? Or: You can’t judge a book by its cover’, in Translation in 19th- and 20th-century Anthologies and Collections. Edited by Teresa Seruya, Lieven D'hulst, Alexandra Assis Rosa and Maria Lin Moniz. Amsterdam / Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 189-204.
  • 2013. ‘The English Reception of Sá de Miranda: Francisco Sá de Miranda: ‘O sol é grande’, in Cláudia Pazos Alonso and Stephen Parkinson, Reading Literature in Portuguese. Commentaries in Honour of Tom Earle. Oxford: Legenda. Modern Humanities Research Association and Maney Publishing, 51-59.
  • 2013. Review of Narrating the Portuguese Diaspora. Piecing Things Together, edited by Francisco Cota Fagundes, Irene Maria E. Blayer, Teresa F.A. Alves, Teresa Cid. New York, Washington, D.C./Baltimore, Bern, Frankfurt, Berlin, Brussels: Peter Lang, 2011. In Revista Anglo-Saxonica, Sér. III, nº5 (2013), 243-252.
  • 2012. Review of Dickens in Portugal Exhibition Catalogue for The Dickensian, November 2012.
  • 2012. ‘The Intersection of Translation Studies and Anthology Studies’, New Directions in Translation Studies. Edited by Alexandra Assis Rosa and Anthony Pym. Anglo-Saxónica, 33:3 pp.69-84.
  • 2009. ‘Censorship, Translation and the Anthology in the Estado Novo’, in Traduzir em Portugal durante o Estado Novo. Edited by Teresa Seruya, Maria Lin Moniz and Alexandra Assis Rosa. Lisboa: Universidade Católica Editora, pp.37-66
  • 2009. ‘Portuguese Literature in English Translation’, in Companion to Portuguese Studies. Edited by Stephen Parkinson, Cláudia Pazos Alonso, T.F. Earle. Woodbridge: Tamesis, pp.202-213.
  • 2008. ‘Women and Literary History in the 19th Century’, in A Guerra Peninsular. Perspectivas Multidisciplinares. Congresso Internacional e Interdisciplinar Evocativo da Guerra Peninsular. XVII Colóquio de História Militar nos 200 Anos das Invasões Napoleónicas em Portugal. Actas. Volume II. Edited by Maria Leonor Machado de Sousa. Lisbon: Comissão Portuguesa de História Militar & Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Centro de Estudos Anglo-Portugueses, pp. 559-566.
  • 2007. The Anthology in Portugal: A New Approach to the History of Portuguese Literature. The Twentieth Century. Oxford: Peter Lang.
  • 2007. 'A Poem for all Seasons’, in The Place of Argument. Essays in Honour of Nicholas Round, edited by Rhian Davies and Anny Brooksbank-Jones. Woodbridge: Tamesis, pp. 161-178.

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