Dr Kieran Connell


Research Fellow

Department of History


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I am currently a Research Fellow in the Department of Modern History. My doctoral research examined the cultural manifestations of race in contemporary Britain, and my current research is on the Birmingham Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies.  


  • PhD Modern History (2012)
  • MPhil Cultural Inquiry (2008)
  • BA Historical Studies (2007)


After completing his BA at the University of Bristol, Kieran did his postgraduate research on race in 1980s Handsworth at Birmingham. Following his PhD he went on to work as a Research Assistant at the Open University, before returning to Birmingham in 2013.


Kieran is currently working with Professor Matthew Hilton on a project that explores the working practices of the Birmingham Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies. To mark the forthcoming 50th anniversary of the Centre’s establishment, an archive of Centre material has been established at the Cadbury Research Library, including deposits from Stuart Hall, Richard Johnson, Michael Green and Anne Gray. Kieran is currently organising a major conference and exhibition on the Centre’s work.

Other activities

In 2010 Kieran curated an exhibition of photography to mark 25 years since the Handsworth riots. He occasionally writes articles for the Copenhagen Post. His personal Twitter feed is @KConnellWriter


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