Kengo Miyazono MA (University of Tokyo)


Research Fellow

Department of Philosophy

Kengo Miyazono

Contact details

ERI Building
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT


I am a philosopher of mind, mainly working on belief, imagination and mental disorder. I am also interested in the topics in early modern philosophy of mind and psychology.


I have a BA from Waseda University, MA and PhD from University of Tokyo.


At Birmingham, I am a research fellow at the the Department of Philosophy. Before coming to Birmingham, I studied philosophy at Waseda University (undergraduate) and University of Tokyo (postgraduate). I used be a visiting student at Yale (2008-2010), and MIT (2011-2012).


Delusion and Belief

I am a doxasticist about delusion, which means that I am defending the traditional view that delusions are beliefs. I am working on the project of giving a philosophical basis of doxasticism. Also, I am interested in mind-body problem in psychiatry.


I am interested in the puzzle of imaginative resistance and the role of (sensory and propositional) imagination in delusion and hallucination.

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